Adam Rippon Responds To Sally Field’s Proposal!

Adam Rippon Responds To Sally Field’s Proposal!

Are Those Wedding Bells We're Hearing?

The cutest! Okay, so collectively as the LGBTQ community, we’ve been freaking out over how GAY the 2018 Olympics have been! The representation of gay Olympians is more than ever. Plus, can we please talk about the historic same-sex kiss between Gus Kentworthy and his boyfriend?! Talk about iconic!! Another fellow Olympian who is not leaving the media anytime soon and giving us all that we want in an otherwise mild event is Figure Skater, Adam Rippon. The cutie with a booty has been snatching medals and can any of us argue that 2018 is his year?!

Leading Actress, Sally Field, is one of the many who has fallen in love with Rippon. Over the weekend, Field’s son, Sam Greisman, took to social media with his mother’s plea to date Rippon. We’ve covered the story and immediately it soared to one of our most viewed articles. The LGBTQ community is definitely on the shipping train for Greisman and Rippon!

According to Buzzfeed, Rippon has finally seen Greisman’s name along with his with hearts around them in headlines!! As expected, Rippon was excited to hear Field mentioning his name and was especially blushing over the offer. He tells Buzzfeed:

“Sally! She [Field] bold. Sam – your mom, I admire her. I’m sure one day we’re going to meet. So, thanks mom.”

And just like that, Field potentially has created our next favorite LGBTQ Celebrity couple. It's safe to say every LGBTQ outlet will be following this story quite closely! This calls for a drink, because I’m still sitting here single and desperately thirsty over Rippon! Damn it!

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