Adam Rippon Talks Fame, D**k Pics & Skating Moves in New Interview

Olympic bronze medalist Adam Rippon is never at a loss for words when it comes to his opinions on things, and his latest interview proves that focal point and then some.


Adam, who received a ton of varying opinions about his leather harness look at the Oscars this week, sat down with SiriusXM's Michelle Collins, who hosts a daily program called The Michelle Collins Show on Stars 109.

During the interview with Michelle, he talks about his massive fame but jokes that it's fleeting, his appreciation for receiving a ton of unsolicited d**k pics, and more.  Here's an excerpt of their conversation: 

Adam: “Well, let’s get real, I’m the largest superstar in the world currently but, like, only for a week.

MC: Take advantage.


Adam: Yes.  But this is my first week in my new position.  Do you know what I mean?

MC: Oh, I know.  And that position is?  Ass backwards.  For the week.  I imagine you’re also getting a lot of unsolicited DPs and, are you the kind of guy who likes getting that?

Adam: Yes, of course I am.  I’m human! I find more humor in them than sexual arousal because it’s usually what comes along with the message which really ties a bow on top of that perfect package which is the DP.  

So, it’s usually like “hey” they don’t hear from me for 2 days…dick pic.


MC: Hard to get.  That’s what the trick is.  It would be funnier for me if it were like, “You are such and inspiration…you’ve motivated me.  P.S. dick pic". 

Adam: I was in such a dark place and now I’m feeling so much better.  Thank you so much…Flaccid penis, I’ve also gotten.  Why? I’m I supposed to paint a Renaissance painting? Why did you do that?

Do you like how Adam has handled his fame up until now? Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. To me, a lot depends on how

    To me, a lot depends on how long he wants to be a celebrity. If it is short term, have fun, as he has said. If it is longer term that he wants, he may need an advisor or handler who can manage things a bit. Personally I think he has potential. He’s handsome, poised, and seems to have a great personality. He’s been criticized for being snarky, that’s opinion, others feel his not wanting to meet the VP was too political, but seriously, does any young, gay, twenty something want a photo op with the VP? The harness did not look natural, but again that’s me. I think he would be a great talk show host or radio personality. I hope he sticks around for a while.


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