Adam Rippon Will Be On The Next Season of ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Dancing With The Stars upcoming season has a specific theme to it, as it will be all athletes competing.  Two in particular that we will be focused on will be figure skaters Adam Rippon (who just took home bronze at the 2018 Winter Games) and Tonya Harding (who allegedly hired someone to take out fellow figure skater Nancy Kerrigan's knee back in the 90's).

Although the cast won't be officially revealed until April 13th, US Weekly dished the scoop that these two will be some of the ten that are competing for the coveted mirrorball trophy.  

Other rumored contestants to join DWTS' upcoming season include Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson and Olympic softball champ Jenny FinchThe National Enquirer reported that the producers of the show were looking to cast Caitlyn Jenner for season 26, but there haven't been any rumblings about her joining since word got out back in January.

Who are you rooting for the most out of this rumored group?  Do you think its wise for the show to bring Tonya on given her checkered past? 

What do you think?