Add these guys to the list of the dumbest criminals in the world

Two men are being accused of breaking into the home of a man in DeLand, Florida. John Silva and Derrick Irving were attempting to steal his television and other items before putting a pot of spaghetti sauce on the stove and leaving it to burn next to a washcloth.

The unnamed victim said:

He was trying to make it look like I left the stove on but who gets up 2 a.m. and fixes sketti? 

Yes, ‘sketti’.

According to WKMC-TV, both men have had romantic or sexual encounters with the victim in the past—disgruntled much?

Evidence confirmed that Silva and Irving entered the home by removing the AC unit and then covered his security cameras before proceeding.

The victim continued:

It started out as a relationship, that lasted about a week. I’ve let him use my car for four months, maybe he’s angry about that. Or maybe he’s angry because I gave him $150 to fix his teeth.

You can’t make this sh*t up, folks!

As if this story wasn’t already weird with the whole sauce thing, authorities say that Irving was wearing a bull onesie. Of course he was! This is almost as weird as the story of the guy who was arrested last year for trying to lure an underage boy into sexual favors in exchange for Sprite and chicken alfredo.

Both criminals have been charged with unarmed burglary, grand theft, and arson.

Now I want Olive Garden.

Here’s the video:

h/t: WKMC-TV

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