Adele and Beyoncé Together?!

Images via YouTube @beyonceVEVO & @adele

Grab a seat and grab your wig, because we have some great music news for you.

Two of the biggest singers/performers of the modern music game are joining together. Both artists are known for sporadically dropping music and albums on us and leaving us whiplashed from their blessed gift. And now, they’re doing it as a duo.


Apparently, Beyoncé and Adele (and Coldplay’s Chris Martin, though only on piano) have recorded a track for OneRepublic.

Funny enough it was OneRepublic’s singer Ryan Tedder who accidentally spilled the beans. As NME wrote:

“The ‘Counting Stars’ singer appeared to let the news slip prematurely in a video interview filmed backstage at Global Citizen festival 2019. Tedder was talking to a reporter about his band’s new album, which is slated for release in 2020, before suddenly announcing that Beyoncé, Adele and Martin all feature on a song together.

‘I don’t wanna talk….’ Tedder is heard saying at the end before the footage cuts out.”


Honestly, we’re all for this song. But, we are wondering how so many artists of varying genres will merge together. Adele and Beyonce is one thing, but adding on Chris Martin and rock band OneRepublic on top of that? This song will be interesting for many reasons.

Despite that, are you interested in this upcoming song? Let us know down in the comments below.

Source: NME

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