Adele and Jennifer Lawrence Party at NYC Gay Bar

If you were in NYC last night and weren’t at Pieces, a popular gay bar with weekly drag shows, you weren’t at the hub of excitement. All of us who weren’t in the crowd at Pieces missed out on a very rare celebrity sighting of epic proportions. Adele and Jennifer Lawrence popped into Pieces and not just mixed and mingled, but participated in the on stage activities.


Fan postings quickly exploded the internet when Adele introduced herself to drag queen Brita Filter as a “stay-at-home mum”. Videos of Adele on stage with drag queens and Oscar-winner JLaw. The dynamic duo was living their best life competing in games, getting drunk, and falling all over themselves. Talk about #SquadGoals

Both Adele and JLaw have been huge advocates for the LGBTQ+ community. But nothing says ally and supporter like a good old nightly rumpus at the ol’ gay watering hole!

Check out some of the crazy antics from last night at Pieces and don’t have too much FOMO.

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