Adele Drops A Brand New Track As She Prepares For The Release of ’30’

After a showstopping and ratings-smashing performance last Sunday on the CBS event Adele-One Night Only (and a captivating interview with Oprah Winfrey), fans have been eagerly counting the days until the release of Adele’s new album 30, which is poised to drop this Friday, November 19th. Imagine their surprise when late yesterday, Adele surprised the world and dropped the the track “To Be Loved” on social media. 


The piano-laden track begins with single chords, immediately dropping into Adele’s sumptuous vocals. ‘To Be Loved’ (another new song featured on ’30’ along with ‘I Drink Wine’ that Adele officially premiered on her CBS Special) seems to speak directly of her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki. The lyrics (in part below) speak of Adele standing on her own and seemingly catching her breath following a tumultuous relationship. 

I’m so afraid but I’m open wide

I’ll be the one to catch myself this time

Trying to learn to lean in to it all


Ain’t it funny how the mighty fall?

Looking back I don’t regret a thing

Yeah, I took some bad turns that I am owning

I’ll stand still and let the storm pass by


Keep my heart safe ’til the time feels right

If anyone could sum up the feelings that ‘To Be Loved’ brings forth, it’s Adele herself. She told Zane Lowe during an exclusive Apple Music conversation that she simply “cant even listen” to the track. “I have to leave the room,” she said. “I get really upset. …When I was writing it and singing it, I just envisioned [my 9-year-old son] Angelo being in his 30s. I guess I’ll sing it to him then.”


Get ’30” tomorrow, November 19th (click here) 

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