Adele Is Loved. Partner Of 5 Years Stops The Show With Tribute To Their Love.

I do worry about Adele.  Night after night she sings depressing non-love songs about breaking up, heartache, someone picking someone else over you … okay, I'm getting depressed just thinking about it.  I've never gone to one of her concerts and maybe never will, unless I have a lot of tissues and friends' hands to hold and shoulders to cry on.  I know she is a phenomenal entertainer and I am sure I will see her some day.

But singing all of those depressing songs, how can Adele be happy?  Well worry not folks, someone does love her and HE just made us grab for the tissues.


At Adele's recent concerts, she's been showering fans with white confetti that features song lyrics on every scrap of paper, but on this particular evening, the British songstress' longtime partner, Simon Konecki, decided to replace some of the white confetti with pink confetti, and the song lyrics with love notes.

He did this in honor of the couple's fifth anniversary and, needless to say, Adele and everyone in the audience was touched and impressed. –

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"we got pink confetti tonight.. this confetti is normally white" i'm crying



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