Adult Film Past Of Homophobic Wrestler Revealed

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Yet another homophobe has been revealed to have a gay past. But who’s the man of this hour? WWE wrestler Lars Sullivan.

Earlier this year, Sullivan was caught making homophobic and racist comments online. According to Towleroad, the wrestler made several hateful comments like the one directed at NFL quarterback Philip Rivers, ““Philip Rivers = Crybaby b*tch and is extremely gay. Most of California, especially sothern cal, is gay. Fits well. Hell ‘Philip’ is a gay name in itself!@”


As Ringside News wrote, Sullivan was fined by WWE his conduct of making a series of hateful comments on While Sullivan was eventually removed from the forum, it didn’t happen before he gained a lot of negative attention for his comments.

Sullivan later apologized for the remarks in May saying, “There is no excuse for the inappropriate remarks that I made years ago. They do not reflect my personal beliefs nor who I am today, and I apologize to anyone I offended.”

That said, it looks like his apology did not satisfy the sleuths of the internet. We have seen time and time again. if you stir up trouble on the internet, the internet is bound to find trouble for you. That’s especially true if you have ANY kind of questionable past hidden in corners of the internet. For Lars Sullivan, his closet’s skeleton took the form of a few gay adult film appearances.


Yes, Twitter users discovered at this year’s close that Lars Sullivan once did adult film work. According to Ringside News, the wrestler’s “backstage reputation [had already] been called into question after message board posts had emerged.” But now that this new update has come out, Sullivan’s reputation within the WWE is in a precarious spot. While doing adult film work isn’t exactly against any rules, it does negatively affect his reputation considering the earlier forum posts.

Unfortunately, no one knows how Sullivan is handling the situation personally. Sullivan, who’s currently recovering from a knee injury (according to Bleacher Report), deleted his Twitter account and he’s not responding to personal messages from other professional wrestlers. This is concerning considering Sullivan suffered a panic attack after he was set to have a WrestleMania match against John Cena earlier this year. If Sullivan had a panic attack because of a positive opportunity like that, who knows how he’s reacting to all this negative news.

Sources: Ringside News, Towleroad, Bleacher Report

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