Adult Film Performer Ben Masters Hospitalized After Claiming His Boyfriend, Angel Rivera, Cheated

Adult film company Helix Studios has a scandal on its hands (and a problem with multiple cheating performers). The latest scandal involves performers Ben Masters, Angel Rivera, and Joey Mills.

While the situation definitely seems like something that should remain a personal issue, the men at the center of it made every effort to make it a public scandal. At this point, it would be wrong of us not to at least talk about it.

The situation started around this time last week when former adult performer Masters suspected his boyfriend, Angel Rivera, of cheating with Joey Mills.

Masters, in distress, then took to Twitter over the weekend to not only accuse Rivera but also to just generally melt down. Next thing you now, Masters is ranting online and publishing private phone numbers of Helix Studios employees.

From there, we get to Monday morning. Masters’s emotions were so all over the place that he then ended up going to the hospital to be treated for anxiety and depression.

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

Throughout all of this, Mills remained silent, and Rivera insisted that he was innocent and not dealing with Masters’s drama.

Here’s where it gets even weirder. Rivera’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were then hacked. Rivera “admitted” to the affair over Twitter in a tweet that also shared that he was moving to Las Vegas to be with his new boyfriend. Then on Instagram, a screenshot of a real conversation between Rivera and Mills was shared.

Afterwards, the hacker posted two more posts on Twitter admitting that the account was hacked but insisting that the affair was true.

Later, Masters admitted on Tuesday to hacking Rivera’s accounts. Then, Masters tried to play the total victim and say that Rivera cheated and that he wanted to just move on.

Meanwhile, Rivera simply stated that he didn’t want to acknowledge Masters’s attention seeking. Of course, he then had an interview with Cameron Parks to talk about the situation (with Mills walking around in the background), so it’s fair to say he has some fault in the situation.

Joey Mills, meanwhile, stayed mostly out of it. That’s, of course, besides the Youtube video below.

For the record, we hope that Ben Masters seeks out extended and permanent help for his mental health. As for Rivera, Mills, and Park, Masters's actions this week don't justify the video above. They stooped low with that one. 

Also, Helix Studios itself has done nothing in all this. But we're not surprised, because bad publicity is still good publicity at the end of the week.

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  1. To me this is just plain

    To me this is just plain stupid, not not because of Ben begin upset adn mad he has every right, but Master hacking into Angel's twitter and instagram, is plain dumb, i'm mean, i would never do that, yes i had someone cheat on me before, but i did not hack into anyone's accounts tho, and also, why can't we just be about our day, and just forget we even knew about this


  2. I don’t get what’s so bad
    I don’t get what’s so bad about the video .. I mean, it’s a good video, and they did NOT do anything wrong

  3. I thought that was a girl in

    I thought that was a girl in the video for a minute, that young man Masters is much better looking it won't take him long to find a better looking replacement, and the boy that's interviewing him…..meh!


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