Adult Legend Jessie Colter Details His Harrowing Brain Cancer Journey

Credit: Jessie Colter Instagram

Jessie Colter, one of the most porn’s most popular gay performers, recently opened up about how he’s been doing amid his brain cancer diagnosis. It was something he first spoke about on Valentine’s Day this year. 

“Hello everyone. As you many of you already know I’ve been diagnosed with an incurable form of brain cancer,” he wrote on his GoFundMe page. “I wish I had some good news about my current situation. But sadly I don’t.”


“However my medical expenses have become staggering to say the least,” he continued. “I’m not in the best of positions to work like I normally do at the moment. But I plan on getting back on track with filming vids in the near future. Having to deal with what I’m going through isn’t exactly easy. Also the amount of medical bills I’ve accumulated as a result are massive.”

Jessie created the GoFundMe page for a “little help” to pay off the debts he’s acquired as a result of his diagnosis. “I don’t need to stress or worry anymore. I need to get back to being the happy, smiling and silly fun loving Jessie Colter I always have been.”


He went into further detail about his situation the same day he created his GoFundMe page on Thanksgiving last month. 

“My tumors have been growing slowly, causing me seizures, memory loss, extreme fatigue and permanent blindness in my left eye,” he revealed. “I’ve been on and off some pretty rough medications that have caused me to experience some seriously rough side effects. Thankfully I’m no longer on those medications.”


The Kentucky native has done his best to remain optimistic regardless of the massive pain he’s been put in. “Despite all of these challenges I can’t help but be thankful… thankful for the life I have, the people that are in it and the love that I have received from so many.”

Jessie has found a great deal of success in the adult film industry since he began his career over a decade ago. According to AEBN he has starred in over 100 movies for a bunch of well-known studios including TitanMen and Kink. 

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