Adult Performer Silas Died Of An Overdose

Stephen Morgan Jr. as Silas for Military Classified. Photos: GoodLifeFuneralHome & Military Classified

Yet another gay adult film star has died, and, unfortunately, it seems that drugs were the cause.

News has hit the internet that Stephen Morgan, Jr. (known to fans of adult content as Silas) has passed away. Silas was a performer who appeared on several websites like Cocksure Men, Active Duty, Raw Castings, the Boys Halfway House, and more.


But according to Military Classified’s Rob Navarro, Silas sadly left this Earth earlier this month. And as he tells us, it’s because of an apparent overdose.

“With a heavy heart I bring this disturbing news, one of my models, Stephen Morgan, Jr. (SILAS) passed away on July 8, 2019 of an apparent overdose, he was 25. In my 15 yrs online I’ve only sent 2 tweets like this…it’s never easy…RIP Silas, your beauty will live forever now.”

The obituary for Stephen Morgan, Jr. gives us a little more detail into the man and his passing.


“Stephen Edward Morgan, Jr., 25, of Orlando, Florida passed away Monday, July 8, 2019. He was born on July 23, 1993 in Indianapolis, Indiana.”

“Stephen is survived by his mother, Kathleen Lahr (husband, John Lahr, Sr.); father, Stephen E. Morgan, Sr.; brother, John Lahr, Jr.; brother, Damian Lahr; sister, Carissa Wheeler; sister, Amanda Ross; sister, Olivia Lahr; and maternal grandparents, Douglas and Connie Artin.”

“Services will be held privately at a later date,” it concludes.

Many on the internet shared their remorse at the news. From Rob, to fans of Silas’s work, to his own sister.

“My little brother my other half!” wrote his sister. “I love and miss you so much! From childhood to now from you meeting your nephews to striving to be the best you could be. I can’t express how proud and blessed I am to have you.”


Rest in Peace to Stephen Morgan, Jr. He will be missed.

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