Adult Site Sean Cody in Hot Water Over Performer’s Confederate Flag Tattoo

It’s safe to say this is not the kind of heat adult site Sean Cody wants to generate. 

AS first reported by Towleroad, Sean Cody (the world’s number amateur gay porn site or whatever they call themselves), is getting a lot of flack due to a model’s Confederate flag tattoo. The model, “Zane,” previously appeared in a solo scene. He was invited back for a scene that premiered this week, bottoming for hot, muscly redhead “Jax.” In both scenes, the offending tattoo, an instantly recognizable symbol of racism, was blurred out–not particularly subtly I might add–and it was photoshopped from all promotional photos. 

So, I watched the new scene. The whole thing. Strictly speaking as to my own opinion, right off the bat, the big blurry cloud rids the scene of any eroticism. It’s like the TBS edited-for-TV version of Showgirls. You know, the cut of a 131-minute movie that’s edited down to run in two hours with commercials? 

Showgirls is so full of bare breasts that the edited version can’t just cut the scenes out; they cover bodies with these blurry computer-generated hover bras. It’s the least sexy thing in the history of the universe. Or at least it was, until now. The scene between Zane and Jax feels like that, only with the added sting and depressing air of ignorant hatred. Hot.

The scene in question now looks kind of like this… only racist.

Sean Cody, indeed one of the leading gay porn sites on the web, has removed (or “vaulted”) scenes in the past–like that time a model killed somebody. Isn’t a blatant display of racism enough to get the scene booted? Shouldn’t it be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

For more on this, including several provocative tweets from displeased fans, visit Towleroad. 

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