Adult Star Matthew Camp Now Has His Own Lifesize Adult Doll

Matthew Camp’s videos are known to be some of the most popular within the adult industry. While this handsome (and blessed) adult performer’s OnlyFans and Twitter content both allow us to bring him into our homes for a short time, the burgeoning businessman has just found a way to bring the Matthew Camp himself direct to your home for an extended stay. For the just-lowered price of $3797.15, you can have your own official Matthew Camp Sex Doll. 


As he unpacked the doll for the first time, Camp quoted Queen B herself, saying “Me, myself, and I that’s all I got in the end. So I’m going to be my own best friend” (from Beyonce’s single “Me Myself & I’) showing himself posing with his new, one-of-a-kind doll (which Camp unpacked on TikTok in the video below). The doll comes a “detailed silicone head with real implanted hair” and consists of an “exact 3D scan replica of Matt Camp” (per the website where you can purchase the doll directly).


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Camp went on to unpack the remainder of the doll (you can see the full video here) saying “that’s my body, they got my body”. Explaining that there is some assembly required (including attaching the head to the body), Camp was visibly stunned unwrapping his head. “Are those my eyes? Gorgeous? Pretty close,” he said as he compared his own sky blue eyes to the ones on the head. The Official Matt Camp Doll is the latest product released with Camp’s official seal of approval. Camp’s Daddy Couture line continues to evolve, with new merch like bags and t-shirts (with phrases like ‘Demon Twink’ & ‘Demon Top’ continue to be brisk sellers on Camp’s website. 


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