Adult Stars Dolf Dietrich & Jack Mackenroth End Their Relationship

Relationships imploding in dramatic fashion is commonplace in the world of gay adult performers, but the relationship between former Project Runway designer Jack Mackenroth and veteran adult performer Dolf Dietrich (and now business partners in their own production company Jack’Dolf Smut Factory) is poised to be one of the messiest we have seen in quite some time. 


In a series of now-deleted tweets (reported by Men Of Porn), Mackenroth accused Dietrich of everything from “throwing my cell phone into a bucket of water” and (unfounded) accusations of underage sex. After tweeting that he his entire apartment had been robbed (“they stole computer, clothes, even my shower head”). Dietrich followed up with a tweet indicating “I have no response to such ridiculous allegations” among other (also unfounded) accusations. Following up in an interview with The Gay Goods, Dietrich (who ironically lives in the same building as Mackenroth post-breakup) has chosen to “take the high road” and has “no reason to fight back”. He also indicated that earlier that morning he and Mackenroth had “a truce” and he will be choosing to “remember the good times”

Dietrich went on to say that after a challenging year (losing both of his parents, as well as his rescue dog, all within a very short time). One of Dietrich’s biggest passions is reducing senior chihuahuas who might be overlooked at shelters (currently eleven-year old pup Joey can be found at Dietrich’s side consistently). Landing back in New York City (after working for the Art Director for the legendary HX Magazine back in the day), Dietrich says he is is finally feeling like “the Daddy that I was always meant to be.”

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