After Intolerant Review, Grilled Cheese Co. Stands Behind Transgender Waitress

Cheese, glorious cheese.  Pair it up with ingredients like buffalo chicken, or pulled pork, etc, and throw all of that between two slices of bread, use a waffle iron to press it all together, and serve it with one of the best tomato bisque soups you'll ever have, and if you want, order a side of sweet potato fries with a marshmallow dipping sauce.  EVERY SINGLE friend of mine that comes to town, may they be from Miami, New England, Chicago, or elsewhere, before the plane tickets are bought, before they leave their house, plans have to include a visit to the New York Grilled Cheese Co. in Wilton Manors.  With it being exactly 1 mile from my home, it's amazing I restrain myself from going there more than I do.

When I heard that they had bad reviews, I understood that service may be off one day, or the food may be off just a smidge, I've experienced that myself there, but recent customers' complaints are a little off for another reason, especially since the restaurant is in THE GAYEST CITY IN THE COUNTRY!

WILTON MANORS–On Tuesday July 26th, a patron of New York Grilled Cheese Co [….] took to the company’s Facebook Wall to let other potential customers know about the terrible service she had received from a certain “waiter” at the restaurant. As it turns out, that waiter was actually a waitress named Mia.

Patrons at the restaurant at the time explained that the customer continually referred to Mia as “he” and “him,” shouting loudly and causing other customers to become so uncomfortable that they left to avoid the commotion.

In response to Bolda’s review, another reviewer chimed in that while New York Grilled Cheese “was delicious,” she wouldn’t be going back because “they only have transgender restrooms.” –

We didn't have access to the online apparently confusing he/she review, and I could not find it on the company's website.  If someone can find it, let us know and send it over.  But it sounded like it was a little unfavorable as well as intolerant / ignorant.  Now I agree, a loud waiter / waitress is a fine reason to leave a bad review, the space is small and sound does travel easily, and I have left bad reviews of other restaurants because of that myself, but if the misuse of pronouns was deliberate, then yes, this is wrong.  

As for the bathrooms … at this location, they are what I call one-holers.  There are two separate bathrooms but are just large enough for one person to use one at a time.  Doors lock and privacy is had.  This is the least intrusive form of transgender bathrooms in existence.  The fact that anyone can use the one-holer restroom caught the eye of one of my straight friends.  I called her just now, not telling her of the recent issue, to make sure I wasn't forgetting something and she said, "Yes, I remember those during our last visit.  They had changed the signs on the bathroom to reflect that anyone can use them.  They put the transgender sign on them."  These people must have two bathrooms in their home, one for men and one for women and never the two shall mix.   If it's a one-holer, who the hell cares?  Are they stuck in a 80's mentality thinking they may catch a trans-bug or something from the toilet seats?  What about the gay and lesbian diseases on all the Wilton Manors' toilets at all the other restaurants in town (sarcasm people)?  Ugh!

It's good to see that New York Grilled Cheese is standing behind Mia and other transgender individuals.

New York Grilled Cheese was one of the first restaurants in the state to implement a gender neutral bathroom both at their original location in Wilton Manors, and at their newest location in Boca Raton.

In his response Barak explains, “We are sorry to hear that you won’t be back simply because of that reason. We hope that one day you’ll change your mind about singling out transgendered folks…New York Grilled Cheese Co. is proud to support gender equality and we urge everyone to do the same.”

He goes on to say, “We would never choose the revenue of an intolerant patron over the dignity of our employees.” New York Grilled Cheese will be sharing a LOVE MIA graphic and changing all their profile photos on social media to show their support of not only Mia, but also the entire transgender community. –

If you're in the Wilton Manors area, stop in and try out the great food or even apply for a job!

And if the food is bad and the service is loud, go ahead and write a review, but if your beliefs, policies, and understanding of humanity are stuck in the 80's, stay off those intranets and make your grilled cheese at home.

I made one error in writing the above.  I said "the restaurant is in THE GAYEST CITY IN THE COUNTRY!"  Should that matter?  No, but the odds are you may see someone from the LGBT community serving your food.  If acceptance is not here, can you imagine what it is like being transgender in a service industry elsewhere in the country?  We still have a long way to go people.

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4 thoughts on “After Intolerant Review, Grilled Cheese Co. Stands Behind Transgender Waitress”

  1. Been at that location all the

    Been at that location all the ways from Miami lakes.  Not issues, amaizing food great service, looking forward to go again with my kids.,


  2. I had a grilled cheese there

    I had a grilled cheese there and it was the best I have ever had!  Got great service and it was reasonably priced.  I would like to try the one that looks like a cheese steak.   

  3. Best food ever! Mia … Best

    Best food ever! Mia … Best service ever! Bathrooms … Not an issue.

    We eat at the Wilton Manors location frequently, we drive out of our way to go there.  Haven't visited Boca yet, rarely travel north.  I'm sure Boca is just as good.

    My family will definitely be back!


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