After Leaving Portland, Married Couple Decides to Travel The World

Bernardo and Adam, the YouTube creators behind the channel Stepsof2Foreigners, chronicle their life living in the jungle of Mexico. (Photo Credit: Screenshot from latest video via Stepsof2Foreigners Official YouTube Channel)

Many of us have dreamed of leaving our daily lives behind to live a simple life somewhere secluded where the problems of the modern world are nothing but a memory. For Adam and Bernardo, the creators behind the YouTube channel called Stepsof2Foreigners, that dream became a reality.

The married couple decided after selling their apartment in Portland, Oregon at the beginning of 2020, they would, as their bio says, travel the world for six months but unfortunately, they moved back to Portland as their plans were put on hold due to mental health issues and the pandemic.


Finally, in July, Adam and Bernardo recommitted to the idea of traveling the world. Their first destination ended up being Mazunte, Mexico where they lived in an open-air cabana for a month.  Their latest video “LIVING ALONE IN THE MEXICAN JUNGLE: Mazunte, Mexico” (below) chronicles their time communing with nature.


During the video, Adam and Bernardo explain how no walls give them close contact with nature which is nice when it comes to butterflies and hummingbirds but it was also frightening due to their encounters with crabs, large lizards, and snakes. 

After their time in Mexico, Adam and Bernardo posted the next step in their journey after Mexico to their Instagram account where the couple was at Lake Atitlán in Guatemala.


As you are waiting for the next video in their adventure, you can visit their YouTube channel to view their previous videos to get up to speed with everything that has happened in their lives.

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6 thoughts on “After Leaving Portland, Married Couple Decides to Travel The World”

  1. Have loved Adam & Bernado from the beginning and always will , they are both great , love everything about them , including their families

  2. Um, I would be picking some place better than Mexico. The way the mexican cartel runs things, they will turn up missing before you know. To dangerous.

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  4. Anonymous must be watching from another planet, Adam & Bernardo’s trips, photos, videos & scenery are amazing!!! Please keep doing what you’re doing, I love you both, very inspirational indeed, looking forward to your next video from Guatemala, love & best wishes from Liverpool UK


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