Aging Looks Good on ‘Rocketman’ Stars Kit Connor and Taron Egerton

Famed actors Kit Connor and Taron Egerton were reunited at a Dunhill pre-BAFTA dinner party on Wednesday, and they looked so fine side by side, wearing dapper suits.

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Back in 2019, the two stars played the role of Elton John in the singer’s blockbuster biopic, ‘Rocketman.’ Connor played the young version of John while Egerton portrayed the British singer in his adult years.


The two actors didn’t get the chance to work on scenes together in the film, but they got acquainted during production and red carpet events. Back in 2019, the now 18-year-old ‘Heartstopper’ star was still so noticeably young and adorable while Egerton was towering over him.

Fast forward to the present, Connor is looking sharper, and he has grown taller than the 33-year-old ‘Kingsman’ actor. Nevertheless, both stars are aging like the finest of wines, and we are here for it. <3

Just look at these photos!



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SPOTTED: ‘The White Lotus’ hottie Will Sharpe having a photobomb moment on Connor and Egerton’s reunion pic. <3 Meanwhile, fans are losing it over the two actors reuniting, and here are some of their comments on Dunhill’s Instagram post:


“Kit and Taron!!! The Rocketman reunion we’ve been waiting for!,” one user wrote.

Another commented:

“Aweee Kit and Taron!! It’s really nice to see them again together”

“Taron and Kit look so dashing!,” a user expressed.


One the other hand, here’s what Twitter has to say:



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