Agree or Disagree? ‘…Baby One More Time’ Named Greatest Debut Single Ever

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Oh baby, baby!

Britney Spears woke up to some pretty fabulous news on Tuesday, May 19, when the pop icon found out that her song “…Baby One More Time” was named the greatest debut single ever by Rolling Stone Magazine.


The iconic music magazine released its coveted list that morning which counted down some of the most legendary debut tracks by artists we still love to this day including Elvis Presley, Depeche Mode, Kate Bush and more. 

All hail Queen Britney, however, as the Kentwood, Louisana native’s 1998 hit reigns supreme in the eyes of the Rolling Stone writers. “In the great tradition of debut singles, it was a divisive statement that drew a line between past and future,” they wrote before including an excerpt of her feelings about it from a 2000 interview. “So much attitude in that song,” she said. “I was so happy because there’s a lot of good songs out there, but it’s rare when you can take a song and really put your name all over it and put your personality into it.”

“Baby” shot to the pole position in several countries including The United States, Australia and Canada and was ranked fifth on Billboard’s end of year chart for 1999. It also cemented the then 17-year-old as a worldwide phenomenon in such a short period of time. Her debut album of the same name has sold a whopping 25 million copies worldwide and spawned other memorable singles including “Sometimes” and “(You Drive Me) Crazy”. 


“Number ONE??!!?,” Britney tweeted about the news. “Thank you @RollingStone…. what an honor!!!!!!”

You can read the full list here.

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