AIDS Activist Cleve Jones Admonishes 4th of July Fire Island Pines Bacchanal

Cleve Jones tweeted a condemnation of 4th of July party at Fire Island. (Photo Credit: Unite Here and Chris Weidner Twitter Pages)

Co-Founder of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and founder of the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt, Cleve Jones has taken a page from the recently deceased Larry Kramer’s playbook in order to wake up the younger generation from their ‘self-absorbed’ apathy.

The source of Jones’ frustration is the party attended by hundreds of gay men at Fire Island Pines on July 4th.  Videos show none of the party goers socially distanced or wearing masks at a time it is recommended to do so to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 


One of the guys at that party, Corey Hannon, admitted to have tested positive for COVID-19 and said in a video, which he tried to delete, he quarantined himself for eight days.  In the same video, Hannon said in a nasty tone, “I hope you all get fucking COVID.”  


Jones posted a series of three heavily worded tweets the next day calling out those who were in attendance at the parties on Fire Island Pines. Among the harsh words he had for these ‘COVIDiots,’ as they have been dubbed, Jones explained:

“Right now, we desperately need our young people to lead the way – to defeat Trump, fight racism, protect our democracy and save the planet.”


The tweets, in their entirety, are below.


A day before this debacle on Fire Island Pines took place, Jones had put up a tweet comparing the current pandemic to the AIDS pandemic when it first started.


Jones is not the first AIDS activist to draw this comparison.  Former ACT-UP activist and friend of Larry Kramer, Michelangelo Signorile drew parallels from the Regan Administration’s handling of the AIDS crisis to Trump’s handling of the coronavirus.

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