Airplane Complainer Asks Andy Cohen For Help

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The Internet Is Divided After A Disgruntled Man Annoys Reclined Airline Passenger In Front Of Him

In this world we’re all born to have different opinions than others which may constantly put us on the battlegrounds for our beliefs. Very few things will equalize social classes, homophobes, Neo-Liberals, Trump Supporters, Democrats, Republicans, and everyone in between. One instance is definitely the weather. No matter what your view on life is or working or upper class, if a hurricane or a snowstorm is coming chances are likely that you’ll have to ride out that horrendous inconvenience together. Another thing we can all probably agree on is that traveling anywhere blows the big one. Bumper to bumper traffic is painfully frustrating, subway cars are smelly and crowded, and airports are filled with agony. Flying on an airplane can also be one of the most stressful things anyone can do. There’s the usual fear of flying, the recent influx of the Coronavirus, and as you’ll find out from one person – fellow passengers who make you uncomfortable.

According to The Daily Mail, a passenger named Wendi Williams (that’s with an I – and not to be confused with talk show goddess Wendy Williams) was flying American Airlines from Louisiana to North Carolina and decided to full relax. Well, Williams is complaining that because she chose to recline her seat, the gentleman sitting behind her began punching her seat and then aggressively nudged it over and over again. It should be noted both of the passengers were in the back of the plane: The man behind Williams was in the very last row and he couldn’t recline himself. He was in the worst seat by far. Strangely, Williams felt inclined to tweet a video she took of the disgruntled man to… freakin’ Andy Cohen of all people. Perhaps she thought this would be her ideal experience to receive a Shutterfly check for twenty-five grand? That’s Ellen DeGeneres, not Cohen. Cohen gossips! Williams complained and after things weren’t going her way, threatened to have the FBI “get [a] solution”, while they gave the man a complimentary cocktail. Check out the video below:

Williams video went viral and the internet was a little torn on who was in the right. Williams does have every right to recline her chair, if it works. But, it’s very clear the guy behind her is absolutely over it and is already in the worst seat possible. But, is that anyone’s problem besides his? It’s not like you’re able to fully recline in an airplane seat anyway – it has to go back a mere two inches. Still, people had a lot to say – some were even calling the disgruntled guy a “hero”.


While Williams is a little “Let me speak to a manager-ish” from her social media accounts, I cannot help but agree with her in this case! American Airlines definitely needs to offer her something, especially since her favorite celebrity Cohen didn’t even acknowledge her. The nudging was completely uncalled for. To be honest, she was a much more patient than I would have been. What would you have done!?

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