Alan Ritchson Is Looking SEXY AF in Latest Instagram Post

Alan Ritchson recently posted a hot pic with film and TV makeup artist Kat Crisp, who is the person behind covering up his tattoos for his role in the action crime series ‘Reacher’.


“Meet @katvonpire … she’s the one that makes all those big scary tattoos go bye bye when I have to film,” the 41-year-old actor wrote on his caption.

He continued,

“This is us yesterday after she dipped me in a vat of acid to burn them off. I always say it hurts so bad, but she says it’s the only way. She travels with me to each project so she can keep zapping that evil ink away. It’s her favorite thing to do in life, so she tells me!”

“I know she loves her job because she smiles a lot when I tell her I’m getting another. She also likes corners. She tells me she curls up and rocks herself in them all the time as soon as I leave. Especially right after I tell her I’m getting a new tattoo which is weird,” Ritchson further shared.


He then concluded with a revelation, writing:

“Oh and guess what!? I’m getting another tattoo this weekend! A big one! When do you think we should tell @katvonpire ??”

You can check out Ritchson’s latest steamy pic here, showing off his ripped bod and v lines:


Moreover, ‘Reacher’ is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.


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