Alaska Drops A New Video As She Preps For A New Tour (And Book)!

She’s well known to have snagged one crown, but in Alaska’s new video for her latest single ‘beautiful (Night 4 a) breakdown’, Alaska channels her inner prom queen, which quickly careens to the kind of glamorous and glorious event that only Alaska could orchestrate. The track is written by Chester Krupa, Ferras, Jesse Saint John, Jordan Palmer, Justin Honard (aka Alaska), Nick Laughlin, Stolar (with production by Ivan And Peter, Stolar & Chester Krupa and as Alaska explains, is an anthem that celebrates the parts of us that so many of us work to conceal. Alaska explains, “I live with hysteria, tantrums, and breakdowns on pretty much a daily basis. So this is a beautiful dance anthem that is celebrating the liberating power that you can find by being comfortable and familiar with your inner demons, rather than trying to run from them or hide them.”

‘beautiful (night 4 a) breakdown’ is the second single from Alaska’s upcoming full-length album Red 4 Filth. Fans can catch Alaska performing live in the “Red 4 Filth” North American tour, which is Alaska’s first-ever headlining tour. Alaska will be performing both her new album as well as classic tracks along with the kind of comedy fans have come to expect from Alaska. The B-side track from the ‘beautiful night’ single is titled ‘without your love’, a mid-tempo and metaphor heavy track that merges a new grander sound for Alaska, but definitely staying true to who she is as an artist. 


Whether it’s heading up a podcast network (LGBTQ+ Moguls of Media) or snagging a spot in the Drag Race Hall of Fame on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2, Alaska has risen to the top of every medium she has entered. Now, prepare for Alaska to now say “Hiiiiiieeee” to the world of publishing with the release of her new book My Name’s Yours, What’s Alaska?: A Memoir. Alaska discusses everything from the struggles of her childhood to the obstacles and victories that she has encountered throughout her career in this brand new autobiography.

Talking about her latest career path as an author, Alaska says “People have often asked me, ‘Alaska- if you were to ever write a book, what would it be about?’ The answer is simple- It would be about me, of course. In this book I plan to tell the T, the whole T, and nothing but the T— so help me Goddess. In telling my life story, from my birth until now, I hope to invite you into my world, to set the record straight, and to inspire the children of the world. Because if a poor skinny queer boy from Erie, Pennsylvania can grow up to be an extra-terrestrial starlet of stage and screen, then truly anus-thing is possible.”

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