Albanese Calls Pandemic That’s Killed Over 583,000 Worldwide “Bullsh*t”

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Instinct recently reported on the July 4th shenanigans that took place at the gay summer vacay spot, Fire Island, as some went wild without face masks or social distancing amid the current pandemic.

One reveler, Giancarlo Kristian Albanese, posted a photo of shirtless gays living it up with the caption, “F*ck the New World Order. F*ck Agenda 21. F*ck Your mask. F*ck your social distancing. F*ck your vaccine. F*ck your eugenics. Kiss my assh*le if you think Im [sic] an assh*le.”


Charming, no?

Of course, this took place as the U.S. was crossing the 130,000 mark in terms of deaths from the coronavirus health threat.

As social media lit up the reckless nature of Albanese’s behavior, someone alleging to be his brother shared that their mother is currently ongoing chemotherapy, and their father is still recovering from open-heart surgery.


In other words, both have compromised immune systems making them a high risk for COVID-19.

Did we mention that Giancarlo reportedly lives with his parents?

The brother wrote in a comment on the reckless post above that he planned to stand in the doorway and block Giancarlo from returning home and possibly infecting his parents.

“Find a new home because you’re not welcome at the one you currently live at,” wrote the brother. “Complete disrespect for [Mom] and Dad’s lives, both who are very weak.”


“Mom has Chemo on Friday and you’re out doing this s–t? Go live off on your own and not under your [parents’] roof and you can do whatever you want,” he added.

Instinct reached out to Albanese for comment but received no response. 


However, on Thursday, he shared a disjointed 13+ minute video calling out those who criticized him as “tattletales,” and throwing out phrases like “lab made virus” and “fear mongering” which has led to “mass hysteria.”

“Paranoia, hysteria and fear that has crippled the world,” he wrote as the caption. “During these times, let us not hate or fear our friends families and neighbors for a Lab Made virus! Say NO to the agenda, Predictive Programming and Fear Mongering!”

Giancarlo doesn’t address being evicted from his parents’ home, although he makes a point to say he has “nothing to be sorry for.” 


He then begins a wild and woolly rant calling the ongoing pandemic that’s killed more than 558,000 people worldwide “bullsh*t.”

Relying on his “ten years of calling out this bullsh*t,” he tells the viewers, “The world has been consumed by mass hysteria and paranoia on an unprecedented scale right now.”

Being a mid-20s something-something, that means he’s been calling out “bullsh*t” since he was around 15-years-old?

“We’re not going to fall for the lab-made virus,” he continues. “We’re not going to fall for the mass-media marketing campaign that’s been going on because it’s all bullsh*t, every single ounce of it.”


He then claps back at social media for being a “veil” people hide behind so they can be “tattletales.”

“You guys need to grow up, you really need to grow up,” says Albanese.

He also believes he was criticized for “taking a photo from 100 feet away” of shirtless revelers. 

No, young Giancarlo, folks criticized you for taking part in a party that could have a drastic impact on others – like your parents.


It’s worth noting that at the bottom of the post, you see “Comments on this post have been limited.” That means only comments that are supportive of Albanese’s lunacy are allowed.

It’s long and rambling, but the video is kind of interesting in how this young man demonstrates cognitive dissonance.


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