Alex Beresford Fills In For Piers Morgan And Some Brits Are Not Happy.

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It is often said that bad behavior gets rewarded in this vapid era of pop culture. From the Housewives franchise and the most abhorrent contestants on Big Brother to the “Cash me outside -how bow dah” girl, there is no shortage of unsavory TV personalities cashing in on being terrible people.

In a contrasting breath of fresh air, British TV Weatherman Alex Beresford  – a good guy, seems to be gaining more recognition after putting Piers Morgan in his place a few weeks back. Could Beresford possibly be in the grooming phase to replace the disgraced Morgan, with whom he clashed, live on the air over nasty comments about Meghan Markle?


PageSix reports that on Friday’s Good Morning Britain broadcast, Beresford sat next to co-host Kate Garraway (Piers former seat). It came as a complete surprise for many viewers, who just weeks ago watched Morgan and Beresford’s heated exchange on the air, resulting in Morgan storming off the set like a petulant child as the cameras rolled. 

Watch the episode and and heated exchange between Beresford and Piers (@11:43)

Beresford, 40, had grown tired of Morgan’s constant bashing of Meghan Markle, which for anyone who’s seen and heard it, was a deluge of bullying, harassment, misogyny, and racism. Beresford, who is bi-racial, reached his limit with Morgan after the explosive Oprah interview with Meghan and Prince Harry, in which they both made claims of mistreatment and racism by the Royal family. Morgan claimed it was all lies.


After the blowup, Morgan refused to publicly apologize for his comments and he ultimately resigned (likely was fired), from Good Morning Britain. With no permanent replacement named, there have been a few guest cohosts filling in, but Beresford sitting in Morgan’s chair as a guest co-host on Friday might be a sign that his boosted popularity after the incident has made him a possible contender for the job.

I think it’s great to see someone recognized and rewarded for doing something admirable. Beresford stood up to Morgan, who was journalistically negligent for mocking Markle’s claims as lies even though Prince Harry corroborated many of them, specifically the account of the Royal Family’s concerns over the skin color of their at-the-time unborn baby. 

Markle also candidly shared with Oprah her bouts with isolation, deep depression, and suicidal thoughts. She accused the Royal Family of denying her the opportunity to enter a mental health facility because of the negative optics it may cause the family. All we have to do is reference Princess Diana’s post-royal confessions to realize Meghan’s claims are entirely plausible. So what is the real reason for Piers Morgan to continue his vitriolic attacks against only Meghan when Prince Harry backs her claims and admits he too shared in the experiences?


As for Beresford filling in temporarily for Morgan, many are rooting for him but not everyone in the home viewing audience was supportive. Some Brits seem upset by it, which is odd considering Beresford is a terrific on-air personality with growing popularity and over a quarter of a million followers on Twitter alone. I can’t help but to wonder, once again, is race a factor?

As PageSix highlights, one dismayed viewer tweeted without merit,

“WTF, Has GMB Bosses gone completely mad, thinking Alex Beresford could replace Piers Morgan, absolute shambles.” 

In an open letter, Morgan claims he lost his job for refusing to apologize for “disbelieving Meghan Markle’s claims in her interview with Oprah Winfrey.”  This zero accountability baffles me because millions of people are fighting mental illness, depression, and suicidal thoughts. In Markle’s very credible mental health claims, Morgan’s disbelief is particularly egregious and insulting to those suffering similarly.


Ever the PR thirsty, self-aggrandized media attention grabber, Piers is teasing his own “truth” coming soon to set the record straight. As the saying goes, “the truth will set you free,” but when the truth is you have a well-documented televised history of targeted attacks etched in racism and bias against the first black member of the Royal Family – good luck with that!

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  1. I did not know who Alex was until I watched the dispute on Youtube. Piers Morgan has always been a person that insists that he is always correct and that his comments were not made to be offensive when they actually were. The dispute between Piers and Alex was handled exceptionally well by Alex. I strongly believe that Piers Morgan walked off as he knew the argument was being lost and that he was being proven wrong. Alex deserves his spot not only for being professional but he has been silenced before and now that he has spoken many are interested in what he has too say including me!


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