Alex & Carter Are So Adorable, You’ll Become Addicted

Photo Credit: @sparrowfitness

Finally, a gay couple that isn’t absolutely problematic.

Sure, you can look at any social media personality and dub them as vapid or self-loathing. But today I’m bringing you one of my favorite duos who I follow on Instagram and TikTok. I’m talking, of course, about Alex and Carter. Or Fish and Sparrow, whatever. 

Models, body builders, influencers, brand ambassadors, dog dads and basically an overdose of adorable, Alex and Carter have been in a relationship for over two years. They’ve brought that love over to almost every platform available and it’s just so fucking wholesome.

Seriously. Whenever I’m on Instagram browsing pictures with VPLs, animals or moments in pop music history, I always stop when I see content from these two gentlemen. Whether it’s sexy beach time or realistic at home moments, I’m happy when these guys are happy, and I enjoy a peek into their everyday life. 

I’d recommend filming a reality show, but that’s how you ruin something good…

Anyway, if you have never seen or heard of Alex and Carter – you’re in luck because I’ve included a buttload of pictures below! 

Let’s take a look at them individually, then together as a duo.

First up is… Carter.

Now we have… Alex.

Finally, here’s a look at the funny guys together.

What are your thoughts on Alex and Carter? Who is your favorite, based on looks and personality? Are you already following them on social media? Comment and let me know!

7 thoughts on “Alex & Carter Are So Adorable, You’ll Become Addicted”

  1. Instagram has been recommending me tons of videos in trying to be like Tik Tok. Mostly painting videos 🤨, queer baiters, semi sexist & homophobic “prank” videos. The ONLY video they recommend me with actual gay people is this couple. They’re cute and no doubt some of their pranks are staged. I find them adorable. I’m more annoyed about IG being mostly videos now 😡.

  2. They post mildly amusing videos of themselves pranking each other, like a lot of other people doing this kind of thing, it semi-took off in COVID. My reactions range from thinking they’re -cute to semi-annoying. I do like the video of them poking each other’s butts walking up the stairs because that is what my husband and I do too 🤪

  3. They are OF personalities. They each have their own OF but only share solo stuff. No couple videos. #couplegoals #somoeoneatinstinctistryingtogetafreesubscription

  4. What am I missing? This is just another set of thirsty, muscled-up, (White…), “influencers…” We’ve seen billions of these.


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