Alex Rodriguez Looks Damn Good in Fiance Jennifer Lopez’s Dress — Watch

Credit: Alex Rodriguez Instagram

Alex Rodriguez looks almost as good in his fiance Jennifer Lopez‘s clothes as she does. That’s a sentence we never thought we’d write but here we are!

A. Rod and J. Lo lit up social media on Sunday, March 8, when they created a TikTok video that centered around the popular “Flip the Switch” challenge based off a lyric from a song by Canadian cutie Drake.


Each clip usually has two different people in it with one recording in the mirror while the other dancing or doing something in the background. Then the clip goes black and when the light turns back on everything is switched, in particular the items of clothes each person had on initially in the beginning of the footage. Make sense? 

So the Hustlers star and MLB legend decided to get in on the fun with their own version of the viral sensation that left Alex looking damn good in one of Jennifer’s dresses. The footage starts with him dressed in a blue jacket, white undershirt and khakis while filming his sexy ladylove dancing and showing off her legendary curves in a stunning white number.


Then boom! The switch happens and Alex briefly dances around in her ensemble where you can kind of get a hint of what he’s packing downstairs. The “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” singer looked equally as hilarious in his outfit that was practically swimming on her body.

Another twosome who got the internet going over the weekend with their own version of the “Flip the Switch” challenge was former presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren and Saturday Night Live cast member Kate McKinnon. Drake was so impressed with their moves that he wrote, “Wow I need to come home,” in the comments section of SNL‘s Instagram page.

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