Alex Tikas Speaks His ‘Piece’ … And I Was There To Take It All In


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When most of us consider a career change, it’s safe to assume the aesthetics of our new work environment will include a cubical, desk, phone, lunchroom, and daily staring at the clock waiting for Friday.


That’s how it is for most of us. However, if you just so happen to be one of the hottest men on earth like Alex Tikas – a bearded Greek dominant Daddy type, oozing with primal sex appeal, with a muscle-built body, a naturally insatiable sex drive, a great butt, and a beer-can girth penis, Onlyfans might be a more lucrative professional pursuit than Linkedin.

Tikas’ self-awareness and unexpected big blast onto the naughty flix scene is something that inspired me to want to reach out and ask him to speak with me about his decision to embark upon that point of no return, having sex on camera. Over a year ago, this handsome, articulate, and self-aware man chose to walk away from a ‘normal job’ and become self-employed, providing sexual pleasure to a worldwide, online gro

The Grand Resort, Perfect for a Poolside Chat With Sex God, Alex Tikas

wing fan base. He left behind the 9 to 5 and opted for a new life that includes paid travel around the world, lucrative rates for his time and services, fun in exotic locations, influential global relationships, and something he is good at – SEX.


Meet Alex Tikas, rising adult entertainment performer and sweetheart of a man with a warm sexy squint of the eyes that makes hearts flutter. I had the pleasure of meeting up with him in Fort Lauderdale during the infamous annual Pig Week. He was there working, and we coincidentally were booked at the same hotel. So we met up and sipped Moet poolside at the lovely Grand Resort and Spa as I quickly became enthralled in an intimate one-on-one where Alex allowed me to ask any and every question I’ve always wanted to ask a porn star. 


As we spoke, I tried to keep my eyes at face level, and not fixed on his big veiny, ripped biceps on display in his sleeveless t-shirt or the prominent gathering of the fabric of his tiny short-shorts, forming a massive bulge in the crotch. It wasn’t easy, but somehow I kept my eyes up.

The conversation was sexy, funny, and enlightening. Tikas was very candid, and quickly he went from sex God to charming, approachable, and witty – that funny friend you can laugh with over sill things. These traits add to his appeal, though far different from his testosterone-driven sex beast persona who leaves boys exhausted in his videos.  


Time flew by and we chatted it up enough that I’ll share this interview in two parts. So here’s part 1 of my poolside interview with the incredible Alex Tikas. Enjoy!

CA:  Alex, thanks for hanging with me today so I can get all “Oprah” on you and learn what made you decide to go into porn and sex work as a career. Personally, I and many others are terrified by the mere idea of being recorded having sex. So I’m fascinated by people who do it and well! However, many gay men can be judgemental and critical of adult performers and sex workers, yet many of those same men judging are getting off on porn! So what do you say to that?


AT:  Corey, yes, they can be not just judgemental but also hypocritical. Many are watching clips on Twitter, where you don’t have to subscribe to anything. You can upload over 45 seconds, and sometimes that’s all they need (Laughs). So these guys are watching and enjoying, and then want to denounce it. I don’t concern myself with them. I have approached this whole endeavor by asking, what would be my worst-case scenario?

CA:  OK, so then what would that be? What do you consider the worst-case scenario for someone entering the adult entertainment industry?

AT:  OK, so initially, my response would be if my mom found out. But even if my mom did find out, she would have to deal with it because she nor anyone else is paying my way through life. It’s my decision. That’s a worst-case scenario for me, and if she’d want to have a conversation about it, we would discuss it. She can decide to either remain a part of my life or choose not to be. It would be up to her. Other than my mother, though, I don’t care what anyone thinks.

CA:  Over the years, some of the vitriol I have seen gay men direct at adult entertainers, has occurred when a porn star has died of a drug overdose. There have been a few of those in recent years. Then I’ll read comments like, “That’s what happens when you don’t have a real career!” or “get a real job!” So what do you say to the people who denounce sex work as being an invalid occupation, and say “get a real job!”


AT:  Yeah about THAT, so …here’s a real job in New York City: For example, a real job, after going to get your master’s degree in education to be a public school teacher in NY, will land you a job making $48,000 a year –BEFORE TAXES. So congratulations, you’ve fulfilled your sanctimonious morality on your ‘real job.’ 

Alex Tikas On Set Doing Quality Control

But now, let’s talk about REAL LIFE! A real job to me is something that I love to do, that I am good at, that comes easy, where I get paid – a lot, and paid for the value of my worth at what I’m doing. If you are going to be a teacher, for example, many of them aspire to the next level of principal or superintendent. My career choice is no different. I’m also going to pursue the most money I can make and maximize all my opportunities in my industry too.

CA:  So would you say then that you are, in fact, controlling your narrative? Sort of like Austin Wolfe? I find him to be one of the great content providers in the industry. He’s completely independent, and his Onlyfans account is hugely lucrative. He approaches it like a corporation. He knows his brand and delivers what fans want.


AT:  Yes, exactly! I take my cues from people like that. I learn from those who are making the best of this industry. I recently shot some scorching content with jack Mackenroth who you may remember from Project Runway a few years back. He’s beautiful, and he’s built a whole new career for himself on platforms like Justforfans and Only fans, making adult content. He came over one day, and we shot a really hot scene together.

CA:  Woooo, yes, honey, I saw it … a couple of times, Lol!

AT:  (LAUGHS) OK then, so you know. Well, I learned from him. There is a technical aspect to making things look good for fans. Jack was like, “OK, so we’re going to put a camera over here, then one over there, another over there, and one here. Then my editor is going to do this and that so that fans can see us at every angle. It’ll look great!”

Alex Tikas & Jack Mackenroth – Instagram

At first, I was like damn Jack. I’m just here to f*ck! (Laughs), but I get it now because of people like Jack who are making a good living doing this with a business consciousness. Thoughtful content sells. Anyone can fuck on camera. That’s not enough. When you’re charging people $10 a month (some even more) to subscribe, that’s a lot of money for some people. So I want them to have a quality experience.

And to the hypocrites who say “get a real job,” while privately enjoying what I do. To that, I mean, well, if I had a real job, you wouldn’t be cumming and blowing your load all over your face watching me do what I do, now would you? We are not here to be everything to everybody. The cornerstone of liberation for all of us is to give zero fucks about what others think. Just do you! That’s how I live.

CA:  I’m fascinated by the aspect of people who do porn but not just the act itself. I’m curious bout the next phase, like what does the future look like for you in this career? I mean as hot as you are, baby, you know you will not like this forever, so what is the end game?

AT:  I take this seriously like any other job. I’m aggressively saving and would love to comfortably retire comfortably when this is no longer feasible. Things were a bit tricky for me at first because I was a talent agent, my “legit” job was managing talent in TV, film, and Broadway actors, even many young children landing roles in TV and film. 


I would get a percentage of their income from those jobs, but almost inevitably, after they got their start with me, here would come the more prominent Hollywood agents to snatch the kids up. There was no loyalty, and I get it, and can’t say I blame them. But at the same time in my private life, I was also beginning to notice a growing interest online to my provocative NSFW posts of me, nude, semi-nude, and in sexual encounters with my ex-boyfriend.  That prompted me to start accounts on Onlyfans and JustforFans.

As my audience grew larger; finally, I realized a potential demand and asked myself why I am sitting here in an office, working hard yet receiving just a small fraction of what my work has generated? So I amped up my adult content, and my following on social media drastically increased.

Now, as for me, I can market me and – ‘Alex Tikas’ is my own brand where I literally make $300 in 30 minutes with additional booking fees for travel, featured appearances in clubs, events, parties, and featured video content. Sometimes there’s no sex involved. Some guys fly me around to be with them just for a few days of companionship. It runs the gamut, and I enjoy the experiences and the opportunity to meet new people globally –on my terms. 

Alex Tikas Instagram

CA: I’m happy you have had that realization, and I enjoy seeing you in action, but I do wonder if your job is sex, what does that do your sex drive in regular scenarios. Like do you still go out and see a hot guy and say yea I want to have sex with him or is every sexual encounter now just a commodity to record, upload, and sell. What does a career in porn do to organic intimacy?

AT:  Well, it’s funny because I remain conscious of the visual on-camera idea of sex, I guess because it’s a big part of what I do now. I make hot voyeuristic porn, and sometimes when we’re stopping and starting, changing angles, etc., sex becomes technical. Luckily there are great enhancers to keep it rock hard in those cases so we can finish recording.

But in my personal life, if I’m with a man romantically and we have hot sex chemistry, no, I don’t feel a need to record it. Truthfully though, it’s not that easy for me anymore to hook up or meet guys in a bar just for sex. For whatever reason, that doesn’t happen a lot, but I’ll tell you something funny that’s happened a couple of times. I’ll pop a Viagra and then have a great time with a client, but then afterward I’m like mmmm, I have another 3 hours before this Viagra wears off and I’m walking around with a massive hardon, ready for more. That has led to a fun hookup or two – with no cameras around to capture it. It’s random, but it happens, so who knows.  

Stay Tuned For Part 2 and in the meantime visit Alex’s Website

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  1. Knew this dude from Astoria and he is the biggest jacksss I have ever met. Rude. Nasty. Angry. Hates everybody, Condescending to literally everyone. And nothing worse than a gay anti masker. Glad he left!

  2. Get naked, have, give, take, loving, piggy, vanilla, beautiful, receptive sex. Do it inside, outside, online, recorded, private, exposed. Be open, honest, sharing, generous, grateful. Have sex, make love, refuse hate. Oh, and I’d do Alex in a New York minute.


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