Alexander Polinsky Demands Scott Baio Speak Of Abuse!

Alexander Polinsky Demands Scott Baio Speak Of Abuse!

Grab Your Torches!

Ohhh, yes, please take a seat and feast your eyes on this next juice! Literally, I will take any chance I get to bury former actor, Scott Baio, so here I am striking while it’s hot! Have you been up to date on the latest gossip surrounding Biao’s former child costar on the once household hit, Charles In Charge. I mean, I wasn’t alive when Charles in Charge was airing, so I’m not familiar with the series at all. It’s not like they are running reruns of the series on Logo like they do with Golden Girls and Facts of Life. Honestly, I don’t know much about Biao except for how horrendous he was on some VH1 shows, is extremely Republican Conservative, and since he’s made an ass out of himself on social media; do you remember when he mocked the death of his former costar, Erin Moran? He’s made some decisions that are so foul you can’t help but connect them to him!

Alright, so Baio’s former child co-star, Alexander Polinsky, is taking to social media to discuss alleged accusations of abuse! What?! Polinsky has seemed to get steady work despite having the curse of being a child star. I’m still trying to figure out his sexuality, although not important, could still help with some insight of the allegations. From his social media, he’s a bit eccentric and flamboyant, which is the sign of any good artist.  



I’m getting off track here! We have to remain focused. So, Polinsky has been trying to reach out to Baio regarding how he was treated on the set of Charles In Charge. He made cryptic tweets stating that he needs to speak to Baio regarding a few things they’ve spoken on the phone about years ago. Polinsky then tells Twitter that he suffered mental, physical, and sexual abuse. If he doesn’t connect with Baio, he’s threatening to go to the press. Polinsky…go girl!



Allegedly, Baio’s wife…who is completely fine being known as “MrsScottBaio” (Whackjobs), reached out to Polinsky. Polinsky is not having it and refuses to speak with her.



Even one of the former Charles In Charge costars seems to be in on everything. Actress, Nicole Eggert, is taking a stand with Polinsky, asking her followers to retweet Polinsky’s cries for help.



Could Baio be the next domino in Hollywood to fall due to abuse allegations? Or, could it have been someone on set and Baio knew about the alleged activity. I’m going to be watching this story closely as it unravels.

Check out some more tweets from Polinsky below:







What do you expect this outcome will be?!

13 thoughts on “Alexander Polinsky Demands Scott Baio Speak Of Abuse!”

  1. Scott Baio and Alexander Polinsky both have nothing to do with this. We want this accused thing to stop please get Polinsky to continue acting again. We have to keep it a secret and come forward.

  2. All kids want him to continue to voice Darington on Blaze and the Monster Machines. If they find out that Alex is the one, he’ll get fired. Please let him continue acting.

  3. ithis may sound kind of

    ithis may sound kind of strange but i really  believe scott baio  is not at fault at all nor the rest of the cast i believe its due to the writing scripts they get young children to act sassy and mouthy in front of the camera and in this case it was toward scott baio  he was alot older than nole eggert and alex polinsky and it drove scott baio to act as if he was getting revenge not intentually though so therefore its all about mind control  its the producers fault and they should be in charge of all the incidents thats been going on  the set or  the movie industry is more evil than would it seems it  is under the devils control  so please dont let your children go into acting, i heard stories from actors that there were alot of children who in hollywood who were being raped and sexually violated and god only knows what elso be careful hollywood is very very dangerous and it is a trap to destroy for both children and adults.  please have mercy on scott and pray that he confessess he is just as scared and confused as some people are in the cast. thankyou for reading and accepting my comments

  4. I think it’s sad that

    I think it's sad that hollywood forgets their moral compass. I am trying to figure out why anyone would want fame so much as to sell their soul to the devil. Sometimes I think wow it would be nice to have wealth and fame! Yeh! For all of ten seconds. My parents raised me with morals and I can't imagine opening my legs and having sex with a producer or actor just to get ahead. I mean come on! Seriously     . Unless your raped why would you agree to such things. I worked in an office in my twenties. I am and was then a very attractive petit blonde. My boss use to sit behind me and watch me. His take was he was bored but people in the office closes to me knew he wanted to have an affair with me. He liked blondes and had an affair with another coworker who was blonde before I was hired. Guess what!! I did not sleep with him to further my career. Hello moral compass. Think about about it. It is so not worth it.

  5. Why do republicans think they

    Why do republicans think they are the next thing to God? If republicans are so Christian like then why do they compare Trump to God when that is a sin? I honestly think that all politicians are terrible!!!! They lie, cheat, and steal. Trump is looked at to my the same as all other Presidents before. Scott Baio is being attacked because he's an ass and he's guilty. When it was Bill Cosby it didn't matter, so happy that justice is being served not based on color!

  6. I wonder if Baio was an

    I wonder if Baio was an outspoken left wing Democrat, if maybe u would have a different opinion on the matter. Politics has no place in the discussion of child, or any other abuse for that matter. So maybe u should check yourself!!

    • Are you implying that

      Are you implying that liberals don't get accused? The heck have you been? Wienstein? James Franco? Matt Laye, Clinton? What rock have you been hiding under? Lol

  7. Why do you want to take want

    Why do you want to take want opportunity to bury Baio? It appears that he's innocent anyway but even if it was in tremendous doubt would burying him with something unproven be worth it. It's easy to character assassinate someone and even if you hate them it's a major step to want to bury them by any means necessary.

  8. Total BS.  Using these sex

    Total BS.  Using these sex scandals of late to take the opportunity to throw mud at Baio.  As for Nicole defending Alexander’s claims.  Why brag about having Baio take your virginity for years and now it was abuse.  Complete horseshit!!!!

  9. Sounds like he wants Scott

    Sounds like he wants Scott Baio to come forward with him, to back him up, when he outs abusers.  Maybe???  Scott Baio needs to contact him.  Whether he was an abuser or an enabler he let that kid down and needs to be accountable!!

  10. He never accused Baio of

    He never accused Baio of anything ! Save your saliva for the next leftwing liberal like yourself! It is evil of you to defame someone’s character by gossip!

    • As a right wing nutter

      As a right wing nutter yourself Robert, you are thoroughly acquainted with evil, anointed in it even. 

    • Whether or not Baio is the

      Whether or not Baio is the perpetrator of sexual abuse or not, I do not know. However I am old enough to remember "Happy Days" and "Charles in Charge" in their original runs and he had a reputation for being difficult, obnoxious, and childish and at times this was caught on camera. Much of this would be considered abusive today.


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