Alexander Skarsgård Gives Kisses at a Gay Club in Sweden

Alexander Skarsgård was recently spotted enjoying his time at a gay bar in Stockholm, Sweden, where he went on a kissing spree…

(c) Instagram: @thealexanderskarsgard

Over the weekend, the 47-year-old Swedish actor enjoyed dancing at Club Backdoor, which is said to be “Scandinavia’s biggest gay club.” Several fans recognized him, which he didn’t seem to be bothered by. 


In fact, he took photos with them, and even gave out kisses! All of that while wearing a Vanity Vain t-shirt, which shows that he’s a fan of ‘Drag Race’. Not to mention, the queen herself, Vanity Vain, was present that night, and she took a pic with Skarsgård kissing her. <3

(c) Instagram: @vanityvaiin

On that note, here are more receipts from the actor’s fun night and kissing spree:


Moreover, Skarsgård has been an active ally and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community throughout his career in the entertainment industry. In fact, he is well-known for portraying the role of openly bisexual vampire Eric Northman in ‘True Blood’.

The actor has also used his platform to raise awareness regarding LGBTQ+ rights and issues, as well as be involved in charity events within the community. Aside from ‘True Blood’, Skarsgård, who comes from a family of actors, also starred in the films ‘The Legend of Tarzan’, ‘Big Little Lies’ and ‘The Northman’, among others.


4 thoughts on “Alexander Skarsgård Gives Kisses at a Gay Club in Sweden”

  1. It’s a real shame he doesn’t have the enthusiasm and interest to stay in (and appear half naked on film frequently) in the shape he was in for Tarzan (or Northman)! I know really tall people have a hard time at that and it gets rougher as you age, no matter your genetics.

    Still, a really great actor and seems like a genuinely fun person to have around for a parties or dinner conversations, even before I saw this, based on years of TVinterviews he’s done in America and elsewhere.


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