Alexander Skarsgård’s Hotness Gave Him Trouble Booking Roles

It’s easy to think stunning good looks and a to-die-for bod is a blessing, but it’s not exactly the case for Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård. In an interview with The Sunday Times, the award winning actor revealed that when he was starting out, all the focus had been on his physical appearance that it had been a struggle for him to land serious roles.


He shares: “I don’t really know if that was the reason I wasn’t getting roles,” Skarsgård said. “Starting out in Sweden, there was stuff about being tall and blond. But most people here are tall and blond. Still, after my first job, I was on a stupid ‘sexy hunky hot list’ and then people didn’t take me seriously.”

Skarsgård, however, worked hard to get over the hump. Skarsgård did manage to prove he’s more than just a pretty face by winning an Emmy, Golden Globe, Critics Choice Award, and SAG Award for his role in Big Little Lies. He’s also become a household name in the US, thanks to his regular role on HBO’s vampire drama True Blood.


Ralph Ineson who starred with Skarsgård in upcoming movie The Northman told NME last year:

“He’s (Skarsgård) made himself look like some kind of monster for the part, the dedication’s incredible … he’s got his shirt off — and you think: ‘My god, that’s not a bodybuilder doing a scene, that’s like a proper serious actor!’”


Fans may anticipate Skarsgård as a Viking prince in Robert Eggers’ 10th century epic The Northman, which opens in theaters on April 22.  Eggers says of Skarsgård: “The amount of discipline that Alex put into this role is crazy. He transformed his body more wildly than he did in Tarzan.

Well, we’ll let you be the judge. Does this man look like a perfectly capable actor to you or is he just another pretty face?


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