All I Want For Christmas Is A Calvin Klein Jockstrap

Images via Calvin Klein & Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Calvin Klein must really want gay men’s money.

The famous clothing brand, which is possibly most known for its underwear, has announced the release of some new products. The company is now selling a new five-pack of jockstraps, a new five-pack of briefs, and a pack of trunks. This includes tonal waistbands. Even better, they’re Pride themed!


Of course, having at least one park of jockstraps is great for any man (gay or otherwise).

As AskMen writes:

“Ever since Kate Moss and Marky Mark (that’s Mark Wahlberg to the kids in the audience) where shot by Herb Ritts “in their Calvins,” the fashion brand has been the industry leader in everyday underwear that always managed to have a sex appeal. So, you better believe a five-pack of assless Calvins is going to make it onto a sexiest underwear list.

Images via Calvin Klein

As OUT reports, news of these Calvin Klein jockstraps first hit in 2019. The Brand announced a new Pride collection, which included the pack of Pride colored jocks and briefs. The only thing is, those sets of underwear were supposed to be limited-edition products. So, the company never restocked them… until now.

In order to help us celebrate the holiday season, one full of holiday films unlike years before it, Calvin Klein has decided to re-release the five-pack of jockstraps and the five-pack of briefs. Plus, this underwear is slightly different than the other one. Instead of blue, this pack comes with a purple. Plus, there’s now a red and the pink is lighter than the original pack’s version. Then, of course, there’s also the addition of a new pack of trunks to add to the fun.

But is underwear a good Christmas gift? Maybe for yourself, but we don’t know if it’d be great for someone else. Though, who knows. This could be a stocking of another kind. And there are much stranger things being gifted out this holiday season.

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