All Kinds Of New Music For The Roller-Coaster Ride Of Romance

Kyle Motsinger (screen capture), HAUSER (photo: Roger Rich), VINCINT (photo: Matthew Takes)

It’s Valentine’s Day and we’re listening to all kinds of new music that evokes the roller-coaster ride of romance: waiting for love, falling in love, falling out of love, and even loving ourselves.

Out singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger’s way cute new music video, “Whenever,” is a good match for Valentine’s Day as Motsinger describes the song as “a bop about being single but being ok with waiting for the right someone.”


The artist says the inspiration for the video comes from celebrating Valentine’s Day in grade school – “The hanging hearts in the video are straight out of my first-grade class!” 

Motsinger says the song is a singles anthem and a message to those who are single to not worry about it. “It’ll happen ‘Whenever’ it happens.”

Check out the fun, primary-colored video for “Whenever” below.

Alex Newell (image via Instagram)

After a four year hiatus from music, GLEE alum Alex Newell is back with a new single, “Boy, You Can Keep It.” 

The gender non-conforming singer most recently joined the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles at the Independent Spirit Awards to serenade Oscar winner Laura Dern.

Newell also made his spectacular Broadway debut in the revival of Once On This Island.


Watch Newell deliver the banger of a dance track while serving up lewks in his new music video below.

Tom Goss (screen capture)

Award-winning singer/songwriter Tom Goss drops his new music video, “Québec.”


Co-starring Mean Girls’ Daniel Franzese, the music video tells the story of Tom revealing to his husband he is in love with another man after learning of his husband’s infidelity and opening their marriage. 

Emotionally laid-bare, the chorus recounts Tom’s husband’s words as he broke down, word for word: “We are not us. There is another us to us. We are not special. We are no longer special.”

Goss calls the real-life experience “one of the saddest of my life,” and yet it was also “one of the most profound.”

This is the fourth music video from Goss’ latest album, Territories, which explores new emotional territory and the many complications of love. The collection marks a musical departure for the ‘guitar toting troubadour’ as he shifts to pop-synth mode.


Jakk Fynn (photo: Maxine Bowen)

Transmasculine pop artist Jakk Fynn released his pop/dance EP Cancelled this week. The collection of songs tackles the fallout when relationships fall apart while searching for personal empowerment and peace.

“I had concealed my romantic feelings for a good friend because we were both in relationships,” shares the Latinx artist. “Eventually, I came clean and was met with rejection. My fear of being alone was crippling so I committed myself to not pursuing any romantic relationships for a year so I could learn, grow, and work on my issues.”


The music video for his latest single, “Special,” is set in a rather surreal desert location underscoring the sense of isolation that often follows rejection.

“Bought my own lies / Misread the vital signs / She left me high and dry / Learn to read the goddamn signs”

A descendant of Mexican immigrants, Jakk says he’s committed to “using pop music’s power to uplift audiences and challenge toxic social narratives.”

VINCINT (photo: Michael Takes)

Rising pop recording artist VINCINT releases his debut EP, The Feeling, today featuring his new single, “Save Myself.”

VINCINT recently told Paper Magazine the new EP represents “my take on love.”

“The joy, pain, happiness, and disappointments… the incredible highs and unforeseeable lows and the self-discovery,” he continued. “These emotions threaded together sum up the way I describe it all. For me, it’s just ‘The Feeling.’”


VINCINT says the new song “is about letting the people in your life who are always ‘there for you’ and constantly giving you unwanted advice or tips on how to live YOUR life ‘better,’ know that you just need them to shut up and let you figure it out on your own!”

“While you love them and appreciate all that they do, this is a ‘shut up, stand there and watch me ‘Save Myself’ anthem,” adds the artist.

Billboard recently proclaimed, “No longer a star is born – Vincint is a legend in the making,” and we agree. Take a listen to “Save Myself:”

HAUSER (photo: Roger Rich)

And finally, if you like to take your romance in a classical vein, uber-sexy cellist HAUSER fills the bill with his new album simply titled, Classic.

You probably know the handsome Croatian as half of the genre-busting duo 2CELLOS, who went viral with their cello version of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal,” garnering over 34 million views on YouTube. 

After touring with Elton John and selling out arenas globally, Luka Šulić announced he was taking a break from 2CELLOS breakneck schedule to spend time with his wife and child. And so, Stjepan Hauser began his solo career.


His debut solo album Classic features some of the most romantic melodies ever written, each a personal favorite of HAUSER. The handsome 33-year-old has rearranged for the compositions for cello and is accompanied by the London Symphony Orchestra.

The result is pure romance. Check out the oh-so-easy on the eyes HAUSER in his new music video for “Air on the G String” below.

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