All Stars 4 Finale: The Winner(s) is Crowned

All Stars 4 has officially ended. Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but then again you shouldn’t be clicking on this if you don’t wanna know the tea… henny.

In a very surprising move, RuPaul decided to crown not one but two queens as the winners of All Stars 4: Trinity the Tuck and Monet X Change. Did both equally deserve to win the coveted title this season? Debatable, but here we are with two winners from a season that didn’t really need to happen in the first place.

I went into this season of All Stars with a mixed bag of feelings. All Stars 3 only ended a couple of months beforehand, which left many of us with a nasty taste in our mouths based on the outcome of it. We had season 10 right afterwards, which parlayed into AS4 beginning. Now we have season 11 beginning in less than two weeks. It’s way too much, and the sparkle that this show used to bring is starting to fade as it’s becoming RuPaul’s Overkill Race with how often RPDR is on the air.

Maybe that’s why I went into watching the AS4 finale with little to no excitement over the outcome. The right decision would’ve been for Trinity to win solo, as I think she’s earned that and then some and performed the best this season. She also excelled in being just as standout as she was in her initial season, when she was ousted over something as stupid as a lip sync. I thought Monique Heart would’ve been top two with her, as I felt she gave a little bit more than Monet did whereas Naomi Smalls was simply & beautifully there with not a lot of time to shine.

The finale format rang true to the past two seasons of All Stars. Choreography by Todrick Hall, chatting it up with Ru and Michelle Visage, performance, final runway, crowning. I would’ve preferred for the queens to utilize the entire RPDR set for the “Super Queens” performance like they did with “Kitty Girl” in AS3, as that stage with the smoke was just a tad monotonous for me.

Mind you, I’m not taking anything away from these queen’s talents. Each of the final four did a fantastic job with what the show gave them. But the overall effect of this season was just meh, and I would’ve said that even if queens like Manila Luzon and Valentina (the rumored front runners from many months ago) would’ve been in the top four.

Monique and Naomi got eliminated, leaving Monet and Trinity as the top two. They lip synced to Christina Aguilera's "Fighter". It appeared neck and neck between them throughout, and I'm not including Monet's split or Trinity's cartwheel as a gimmick to win. 

The first three winners of All Stars (Alaska, Chad Michaels, Trixie Mattel) came out after to crown the winner… which turned out to be winners as Monet and Trinity both won in the end. Yay? Sure.

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  1. I watched AS4 even though

    I watched AS4 even though they almost lost me when some of the queens went directly from their season of normal Drag Race right straight into an All-Stars season.    That's just not right, no one becomes an All-Star contestant that fast.   Like several reality shows, such as Big Brother and Amazing Race to name just two, these shows have pretty much turned to recycling old contestants into new seasons along with a few new faces.  Some reality shows it seems have stopped trying to find new contestants at all and just recycle the same old people 4-5 times, which is boring.  Are there not any new people to be on these shows or has the pool of interesting people been exhausted?    At least Drag Race Season 11 is all new queens, with the exception of the return of Vanje, but she returns from the very last season, #10.  I hope she is the only returnee.


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