“All Stars” Doll Scarlet Envy-“Brooklyn Drag Is Where My Heart Is”

Returning to RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6, one thing was certain; the world still wanted Scarlet Envy-and the feeling was still mutual. We got to pull back even more layers of the Brooklyn-birthed performer, see more stunning looks from her, & even found out that she is a product of a loving household with two mothers. While Scarlet’s All Stars journey has ended, there is plenty more that this New York City doll has to show the world. We sat down after her elimination to chat about her All Stars journey, what she thinks the fans might have expected when she returned, and why supporting local drag (especially in her hometown of Brooklyn) is so absolutely crucial. 


Michael Cook: You were absolutely loved on Season 11 off RuPaul’s Drag Race. Since your season was not that long ago compared to some of your fellow RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6 competitors, were you apprehensive about going back so early or were you ready to just jump back in? 

Scarlet Envy: Honestly, I was ready to just jump back in. It was the perfect timing; I think we have had about two years and I was ready. I am lucky in the way that my timing worked out, I actually got a year of touring the world before everything shut down, and All Stars 6 is airing as everything is starting to open back up again, so I am very lucky in terms of timing. 

MC: All Stars can be a whole different animal for competitors after going through your initial season; looking back on the experience, was it anything near what you thought it could be? 

SE: Yes, actually. I think that going back for a second time I had a little bit more insight. We have all been there before, and for something like an All Stars, I knew the girls. When you go for an initial season, you might not know anyone. You are all local girls before you walk into the workroom for the first time. Some people might be more notable than others, but for the most part I did not know a lot of people on my season before we started filming. This was different in that way. You know the girls, you have seen the seasons you know what people are bringing to the table in terms of being competitors, and I also remembered how cold the workroom was going to be; so I brought a sweatshirt (laughs). That is a good thing for drag queens though, we melt easily. 


MC: It almost seems that around the time that your own season of Drag Race started to air, the drag in Brooklyn started getting a great deal of attention. Now while Season 9 winner Sasha Velour is a Brooklyn queen herself, the queens in Brooklyn is really starting to come into their own based on the talent alone. What do you think has brought the sudden attention to that special borough? 

SE: Brooklyn drag is fabulous, that’s where my heart and soul is; I call it “dive bar glamour”. Scarlet is very glamorous, but at the end of the day she was born in dive bars, and that is where my heart is, in a little bit of grunge in Brooklyn. I think it is beautiful; the scene is getting stronger and stronger, which is great, there is a lot of talent out here. I think a lot of Brooklyn drag queens just have something very important to say. I think whether you are talking about a local Brooklyn dive bar or you’re talking about the biggest and most successful television show right now, you have to have a point of view. That is what Brooklyn drag is good at. 


We encourage anyone if they haven’t been out in Brooklyn to go see a show. Honestly, go see a show regardless. The local drag wherever you are is definitely happening. There is probably a show tonight wherever you are. Go see it, go support the dolls. 

MC: When the cast for All Stars 6 was announced, fans immediately expected a return to the epic rivalry between you and Ra’Jah O’Hara. Do you think fans were looking for a rematch from your now legendary Last Dance remix? 


SE: I definitely think people were. I think what’s really cool is that we turned that on its head and gave them something that was less expected. A friendship, a redemption, and a sisterhood. Especially considering the time that we are pulling ourselves out of globally, it is important to remember that second chances are so important. An open mind of forgiveness is key; our season is of course, all about the RuDemption, but I think that was a real human relationship that played out on camera that does embody the RuDemption in a way that I don’t think either one of us imagined it to. I think it is important to show people that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it doesn’t have to be a fight. 

MC: Now that the world is slowly opening up, what is next for Scarlet Envy? 


SE: Well, I am very booked. I am super happy to have the timing work out for the world to be opening back up as my All Stars story opens back up. We are in a different city every weekend and we are working on a Bubblesque Tour where I am going to bring my bubbles around, and I am very excited about that. I am also working on a book of drag queen poetry, I have a music video coming soon, and we have an EP coming. Everything is all happening! 

MC: How did bubbles become such a passion of yours and now something that the fans love to see from you? Your All Stars talent was truly something we had not seen before. 

SE: I said on the show a few times, my priority was seeing joy. Now it may sound like yoga bullshit, and I accept that (laughs). I thought “what brings people joy”? My nephew was about two at the time when I was rehearsing the act, he loved bubbles. I thought “who doesn’t love bubbles”? I also was obviously also playing into my winning runway on my original season where I did the Pisces sign and had bubbles on the main stage, so I thought that it would be a nice continuation; the bubbles are all grown up now. 


MC: What do you think the last year and a half has taught you as a performer and a person? 

SE: Honestly, I think that it is about seeing joy and making it a priority to have that mindset. We are so blessed to have this opportunity of Drag Race. Some of the girls might have a hard time seeing it than others, but I have always been very grateful; regardless of how it is going to go for me. When everything is taken away so fast, we realize that it is fleeting, and we are not guaranteed anything. Sometimes, happiness is a choice. Take a deep breath and remember that nothing is guaranteed and that we need to find gratitude in all things. Maybe we don’t understand a big picture and maybe it is because we are not supposed to. 

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