All the Times ‘Big Brother Canada’ Star Kenny Brain Made Us Absolutely Weak

A glaring omission I did in our list of the hottest guys from Big Brother Canada has to be season 2 contender Kenny Brain, and for that… I truly apologize.

Kenny became a pretty big deal during and after his time on the show.  He came out as openly gay while in the house, however didn't reveal his sexuality until a couple of weeks in when he confided in fellow house guest Sarah who showed him nothing but love in the process.

Since then, Kenny is still shacked up in British Columbia and is currently a carpenter (so let's all get our fantasies going about that).  Regardless, over the years he has posted some insanely hot photos and videos that has definitely given us not only a thing for redheads, beaded dudes, carpenters, etc. etc… but just to enjoy what a fine specimen he truly is.  And he's one of us too… score!

Take a look at what we think are some of his brutally hottest photos ever.  



Hiking with the pack #dogdays

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Sunday funday #manvest

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More ice cream #typhoontitties

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Back to my favorite place on earth with my homegirl #himolly

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Birthday road trips! #forever29 #himolly

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Oh, and this…



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