All The Times Tom Hardy Got Naked and We Enjoyed It

It's pretty astounding just how many times Tom Hardy has been visibly naked on camera. Not that we are complaining, but its enough to actually have a superbly hot compilation made of him.


Our friends at Cocktails and Cocktalk did exactly that over the weekend, which appears to be somewhat of a shrine of all the times that the Oscar nominee dropped trou. 

It would appear that his chronological age almost matches the amount of photos that appear in the link. Then again, his nudity isn't something new at all as we've seen it before like on the show Taboo

He's also worn shirts that have said "I Teabagged Tom Hardy," but that was to battle testicular cancer. Still, its good to see he plays along with the fact that he’s fully aware of what a sex symbol he's become over the past decade.

So here's a great way to finish your weekend. NSFW link here.


9 thoughts on “All The Times Tom Hardy Got Naked and We Enjoyed It”

  1. As a bi man, I have seen a

    As a bi man, I have seen a lot of peen, and I can assure you all that size has very little relation to how sexy or how much pleasure a man can give his partner. I mean, yes, there are extremes, either very very tiny or way way too big, but the average sized man is perfectly capable of showing someone a fantastic time. What's really important is confidence and horniness. I'd much rather be with an average guy who is totally into it than a hung guy who lacks confidence or doesn't try because he thinks he's all that. And yes, from my experience, Tom is pretty average. Most guys I've been with are right around the five to six inch mark. Like 90% of them. Five inches of hard man can make you feel really good, tho.

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    • @Chance B.  Comments such as

      @Chance B.  Comments such as this perpetuate body issues. What's the size of a man's penis have to do with his overall sexiness or beauty?  Shallow!

      • Exactly! I find Tom Hardy to

        Exactly! I find Tom Hardy to be one of the sexiest men in Hollywood. Those eyes. Those lips. Just scroll through his instagram. The photos with his dogs. Sexiness – It has nothing to do with the size of his "member" or even his beautiful features. He seems to be a true man. Superficial much @Chance B?

    • Really?  First, he’s not hard

      Really?  First, he's not hard.  Second, you watch too much porn where the guys have unusually large penises.  Third, why make anyone who reads your comment feel shame?

      • As far as porn goes. #1 the

        As far as porn goes. #1 the studios lie about the size of their porn – NON-STAR's dick. – Kust like every hooker has a fake name. Some really embarrasing ones too. hmmmm Jeremy Spreadums. ??? #2 The still photos are shot in such a way to make their dick look MUCH bigger than they are #3 When they sell those dildo's supposedly cast from a porn whore's penis they are so inflated it's unreal!! #4 Why the fuck does anyone care what size someone's dick is if they are NEVER going to have that dick? . 


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