All The Times Tom Hardy Got Naked and We Enjoyed It

It's pretty astounding just how many times Tom Hardy has been visibly naked on camera. Not that we are complaining, but its enough to actually have a superbly hot compilation made of him.

Our friends at Cocktails and Cocktalk did exactly that over the weekend, which appears to be somewhat of a shrine of all the times that the Oscar nominee dropped trou. 

It would appear that his chronological age almost matches the amount of photos that appear in the link. Then again, his nudity isn't something new at all as we've seen it before like on the show Taboo

He's also worn shirts that have said "I Teabagged Tom Hardy," but that was to battle testicular cancer. Still, its good to see he plays along with the fact that he’s fully aware of what a sex symbol he's become over the past decade.

So here's a great way to finish your weekend. NSFW link here.


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