Alleged Ex-Boyfriend Outs NBA Athlete!

Alleged Ex-Boyfriend Outs NBA Athlete!

Dwight Howard's Sexuality Is Trending!

It's unusual for me to take time out of my Sunday evening to post some gossip but this tea is too pipping hot not to spill it! It's yet again another story of someone from the LGBTQ community outing a closeted celebrity. It wasn't too long ago that rapper, Bobby Valentinowas outed by a transgender woman, and we haven't forgotten former NFL player Hank Baskett's rendezvous with a transgender woman which eventually crumbled his marriage, and then there's Gwen Stefani's ex-husband Gavin Rossdale who had an affair with a transgender woman who would eventually speak on their love. This time, yet another athlete is being outed by someone via social media and it is such a freakin' mess!






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According to HeavyWashington Wizards (that's the NBA) player, Dwight Howard, has been outed by a feminine, 23 year old Entrepreneur, Masin Elije (Pictured above). Elije claims he is only stepping forward and outing Howard because he is receiving death threats from Howard's Pastor named Calvin, who is also pleading for Elije's silence. Elije claims he met Howard at a taping for Nick Cannon's hit series, Wild N' Out, and Howard quickly slid into Instagram private messaging. On his Twitter, Elije provides video messages, private messages, and spills gossip that Howard is a bottom and frequently attends transgender sex parties to engage in unprotected sex. Their quarrel began after Elije found out Howard was sleeping around behind his back. Check out some of Elije's tweets below:




















Is this all proof enough or do we still need to keep saying alleged?  Elije is extremely active on social media and is currently promoting a novel he wrote. Timing is everything.  However, he claims he did not out Howard for fame:



So, there's your Sunday evening tea. I'll let you know if there's any updates from Howard and his team (so far, they have remained silent) or any further allegations from Team Elije.

h/t: Heavy

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