Alleged Pedophile Roy Moore Begs People for Money to Pay His Legal Bills

Alleged pedophile and sore loser Roy Moore, who lost the Alabama Senate race to Doug Jones in late 2017, now needs a lot of cash and is begging his followers to help him out.

According to The Associated Press, Moore is pleading for money to pay his legal fees against a woman who claims he molested her when she was only 14 years old.

He said on a campaign Facebook page Thursday that his “resources have been depleted.” 

Leigh Corfman accused Moore of touching her when she was 14 and he was in his 30s. She is suing Moore, saying Moore and his campaign defamed her as he denied the allegations.

The Facebook link he posted has been riddled with negative comments, with this one sort of being the cherry on top of the shady cake:

"OK, Old Roy, firstly, the election ended months ago. So you can drop the "Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate" moniker. You lost, to a bland Blue Dog who ordinarily wouldn't have stood a chance against the knuckle-dragging goobers and evolutionary dropouts that infest Alabama like mosquitoes infest Louisiana swampland. Secondly, if God forbid you HAD won, you would've been the first elected official to take the oath of office on a copy of Lolita. You're a child molester who got barred from a mall because of your trolling for underage girls. So it's only fitting that you've been barred from the US Senate. So go back to watching those old Brooke Shields movies or however you need to get it up at your age, you pedophile windbag."



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  1. I say we have a fundraiser

    I say we have a fundraiser for the guy. We can have drag queens and go go boys. We can find the most stereotypical gay man ever sing torch songs.  So everyone is included we can find some flannel wearing lesbians to sing folk songs. Perhaps the Naked Guys Singing could lend a hand.


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