Ally and Friend Reflects on the past year as an LGBTQ Music Correspondent

We meet some great people on our journey through life.  We met our contributing writer Jeremy Hinks when we attended the LOVELOUD music festival in 2018.  We kept in touch and decided that he would be a great person to have on the ground in Utah, not only to report on the LGBT politics in the state that’s home to The Latter Day Saints church, but to also be our connection to LGBTQ artists and advocates in the music world. We love his eyes and ears and the dedication he has to the topics. 


Here is Jeremys feedback about writing for Instinct in 2019

Tying Up 2019: A year of learning and experiences with all of you wonderful people.

I have to say this everyone, this last year has been incredible, and heartbreaking. When I thought I could never go any deeper into darkness or sadness, for the community or just my own self, things would change in a heartbeat sometimes, with unspeakable beauty. I owe you all so much for these great experiences I’ve had trying to reach out to as many of you as possible, and to build as many bridges as possible. I consider all of you my friends. 

My ADHD is so out of control, I can pretty much talk to anyone about anything, and find it interesting. And, being the privileged white christian straight male, I can say I have been pretty sheltered… STILL. So anyone different from me I think is interesting. In my conversations and experiences, my life has become incredibly rich, beautiful, and blessed. My thanks to you all cannot be measured.


This year among other things, happened as follows…

In January, I lost a close friend to prostate cancer at a very young age.

I interviewed Punk Rock Legend Bob Mould.

I was able to interview some of the biggest hearts, Lucy Spragan, and Wallis Bird.


I interviewed the intense, wonderful, and genius over the top drag queen Alaska Thunderfuck.

During my interview with Car Astor, and she mentioned how Ellen DeGeneres was a role model, I told her how I never that the show was very funny. (only to realize she wasn’t even born at the time of the non-funny sitcom I was referring to).

I sat down and interviewed My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, the band that was very instrumental in my sex education during my formative years.

Coming of Age in the house of strange affairs? No, its just my life with the Trill Kill Kult.

The LDS Church reversed their exclusion policy against same sex couples, and the children of LGBT couples, and LGBT children. After counting it a victory, I had to step back and see how much damage we had sustained in LGBT teen suicides.

In May I was made an “Honorary Gay” by the editors at Instinct for my service to the LGBTQ community … Thanks for that everyone, really, it is an honor.

After marching with the LOVELOUD group at Utah Pride, I walked around with a sign “Free Hugs From a Mormon Dad”, and touched the lives of so many hurting and suicidal, marginalized young LGBT people, my heart was broken once again. All too happy to share the love I could with as many of them as possible. My Facebook post about it went viral to a few thousand likes and shares within 2 weeks.

I photographed and covered the LOVELOUD festival, interviewed Ty Herndon, K.Flay, and met another great punk legend the trans singer Laura Jane Grace. I got to see Kesha on stage in ass-less chaps, and jump out of a blow up space ship. The person least impressed with my musical journalist prowess is my wife. I took her along to shoot with me, and she had a wonderful time.


I was asked to act in a movie about LGBTQ suicides in Utah, called “City of Salt”. I played a tough street cop with no tact. It was a stretch, but I pulled it off.

Me as Detective Gerry Hobbs, and Kim Stone as Detective Stanley in City of Salt

I came to know, fell in love with the music of the most adorable little spitfire Micki Maverick.

I lost my mind delving into Miya Folick, knowing I could never grasp it, just enjoy it. I photographed her show, to the surprise of the universe, it was greater than I even expected.


I covered the over the top performance of Indigo Girls and the Utah Symphony.

Two completely lit dudes who had obviously just fallen in love, singing out of tune for every song. It was AWESOME

I did something I never thought I would do in my entire life, I covered one of The Spice Girls, Melanie C. (C’mon, that was a fun video if you saw it).

Some wonderful friends and people very close to me came out to me on National Coming Out Day. Again that was an honor to be the one trusted enough to be the one they could tell.


I openly stated that the Transexual community’s flag sucks. It’s drab depressing colors, and does not reflect the wonder and beauty that the Trans community gives us. My trans friends agreed, and my complaint has been duly noted.

Utah Pride Parade, LOVELOUD/AT&T That day opened my heart and it was broken a thousand times

The State of Utah became the 19th state to ban conversion therapy for minors, with the support of the LDS church. (VICTORY!!!!!!!)

I interviewed a childhood favorite Limahl, quite an achievement in the eyes of my 9 year old self.


I met the amazing deity that walks this earth, Heather Mae (More on her later). 

I attended, and represented Instinct Magazine for the Encircle Summit for the LGBTQ outreach in Utah, and I finally got to interview Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons.

I know this segment is all about me, but these moments of wonder and a thousand other things happened between myself, and all of you (because of you), to have made my life so much richer, profound and beautiful. You have all taught me so much, in just letting me ask questions, get to know you, and hear YOUR stories. I have been blessed greatly from all of this.

My love goes out to you all, and I hope we can have a greater year moving forward with love, and understanding. May the next year, decade, ROCK. Let’s make the world a smaller place together.

Peace, Love, and Anarchy. (and great music)

Thank you Jeremy!  We are very happy to have you in the Instinct family!

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