ALONE’s New Dance Worthy Single Is Absolutely “Everything”

In the great spirit of dripping with falsetto (and gender bending) performers like Sylvester and Freddie Mercury, ALONE has tossed on a chapeau and dropped his brand new single & video for the raucous party track “Everything”-and that is exactly what it is. While the track may be advertised as an ode to his trans siblings, the track ALONE has crafted (and the accompanying video) is a dazzling showcase of celebrating everything that makes everyone what they are; no matter what “that” is. “Growing up as a Queer kid who never fully fit in anywhere, seeing a Queer artist like Sylvester was a beacon of hope,” ALONE reflects. “It made me feel like I wasn’t alone, like there was a future for me and that there were others out there like me.”

Photo By Mike Kioto

Like a certain Material Girl before him, ALONE hit New York City and like Madonna, landed in the center of the action. Taking his name ‘ALONE’ in an effort to reclaim the word itself, ALONE single-handedly transformed the meaning from something to fear to a word that now defines independence and being in control. “Being alone is one thing everyone experiences from time to time. There is beauty and strength-building in it. The binary concept that being alone is bad and being together is good is false. Both are equally important to our growth and well-being.”


Next up: ALONE’s next single “Fine” which is currently in production, scheduled to drop April 8th, along with a music video. Paying homage to 80’s rock strip songs, the track is a smooth tribute to homo & pansexual attraction, while at the same time dismantling what we know as the standard definitions of sexuality and gender. 

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