Along The Way Meatball Jokes About Florida And A Gloryhole Mishap

Funny man Michael Henry and Meatball ponder the loneliness of Valentine's Day
L-R Michael Henry, Meatball (screen captures)

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we know many folks may be making plans with their special ‘someone,’ but for others it can be an annual reminder that a ‘love connection’ hasn’t happened just yet.

Funnyman Michael Henry was all set to shoot a hilarious “Quarantine Cruising” video skit with his buddy Terry (played by drag queen Meatball) but Henry is in a pensive mood


“I just want to know why I’m nobody’s Valentine?” wonders Henry aloud with a quivering lip.

With perhaps slightly less tenderness than Henry was expecting, Terry responds, “Oh my god, it’s just a silly holiday, you stupid b*tch!”

Henry goes on to share that he’s never actually had a Valentine: “Never had a boyfriend, never been in love.”

Michael Henry has the Valentine's Day blues
Michael Henry (screen capture)

It seems our hero has friends who fall in love “so easily,” so he’s been pondering, “What’s wrong with me???”

Henry reveals that his oneness isn’t for lack of trying: “I’ve dated, I’ve played games, I’ve had games played on me…I like guys so much that I’m crushed and heartsick when they don’t like me back.”

Cue Terry with some more stone cold advice deduced from his own romantic history (which apparently includes a boyfriend stealing his passport, but, another story…) which ultimately concludes with, “Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

While it seems sad, Terry does manage to slip in some of those ‘quarantine cruising’ jokes in including a truer-than-true Florida joke and something about a glory hole.


As usual, Henry delivers a spot-on snapshot of what many in LGBTQ culture might feel around this time of year without being preachy or heavy-handed.

Hit play for a well-deserved mid-day brain break. Happy Friday!

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