Alt-Right Journalist Goes on Transphobic Rant After Being Censored by Grindr

Conservative journalist Chadwick Moore recently got blocked from Grindr for using some words on his profile that were deemed transphobic. This is not the first time the journalist has been surrounded by controversy.


Recently, Queerty and other media outlets reported Moore claimed had been kicked out of the gay bar in Brooklyn because he is a Republican—the real reason being his brother-in-law got into a fight with some other bar patrons.

The whole Grindr debacle began when under the gender question, Moore wrote “There are only 2”. He was then shocked to find that Grindr had censored him for using banned words. Well, Miss Mary was not having it!


Moore did not stop there, however. He continued to post various other Tweets that gave the popular hook-up app a piece of his mind:


The pièce de résistance is when Moore includes the FBI in a tweet trying to call out Grindr for some unlawful activity:


We would have loved to have seen what the rest of what the profile said.

h/t: Queerty, Chadwick Moore

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  1. Typical Republican…

    Typical Republican… Opinionated and obnoxious, yet don't understand why everyone is repelled. 


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