Alvis Rigo Co-Stars in Netflix Gay Drama ‘Nuovo Olimpo’

Photo Credit: @alvise_rigo on Instagram

Do you want to watch a gay romance movie that will make you ugly cry?

I highly suggest checking out Nuovo Olimpio, which dropped on Netflix at the start of November. It tells the story of two, young gay men who are torn apart by civil unrest in Rome and are never able to reconnect. Only 30 years later do they cross paths and have to wonder if they’re still soulmates. It stars Damiano Gavino, Andrea Di Luigi, Luisa Ranieri and Alvise Rigo.


While the overall story made me weep for long lost love, the actor portraying Antonio – Alvise Rigo – made me feel a complete different set of emotions. I mean, emotions that left me rock hard. Antonio, the made-up character, is dark, muscular and definitely gets rough in the sack. Alvise Rigo, the performer, appears to have many of the same characteristics as his breakout role with more emphasis on the outdoors and motorsports.

As much as I enjoyed the dynamic between the two leads, I think I enjoyed every scene Alvise was in just a little more. 

Alvise is a bodybuilder, personal trainer, model, reality TV star and rider for Harley Davidson Italy. He started transitioning to acting earlier this year and previously appeared in a few episodes of Che Dio Ci Aiuti. He has another movie in the works, The Dadchelor, where he’ll take on the role of Hercules. 


This 30-year-old Italian stallion has definitely caught my attention. While I don’t see anything on his social media profiles that implies that he’s into dudes, I can applaud him for taking on a gay role so early in his film career. Remember when that used to be the kiss of death?

So, my gift for you today… a slew of shirtless Alvise Rigo photos for your viewing pleasure. Check them out, then head on over to Netflix to watch Nuovo Olimpo. (It’s dubbed, if you don’t like subtitles.) 



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