Alyssa Farah-Griffin Showed Why She’s A Leading Co-Host Contender

The New York Times called The View the most important political tv show in America” and even in a post-Trump America, that description remains beyond accurate. As the Trump acolytes continue to churn out the expected tell-all books, Kellyanne Conway joined the ladies of The View to discuss her own new book Here’s The Deal. While View co-host Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin were sparring partners that Conway most likely expected during her appearance, the guest-host for the day offered an interesting perspective to the conversation. Conway’s Trump Administration colleague Alyssa Farah-Griffin sat in the fifth chair for the day and offered Conway both pointed questions and direct accountability during their contentious interactions. 


While the book is described by the publisher (Simon & Schuster) as a “fascinating story of personal triumph and political intrigue that has never been told”, the majority of readers of Conway’s tome are looking for some behind the scenes information. Whether it was Conway’s very public mud slinging with husband George Conway (a staunch Trump opponent) or her internal battles with fellow Trump Administration officials, it’s probably safe to say that most readers are not cracking open Here’s The Deal to hear about Conway’s South Jersey upbringing. As for her View appearance, Farah pointedly asked Conway about one incident in the book that Conway staunchly was outraged about; the January 6th insurrection. Despite Conway continuing to dodge Farah’s direct question on Conway’s consistent blind loyalty, Farah continued to hammer the point with concrete (not alternative) facts, and even after getting a follow up question from Joy Behar on her loyalty, Conway continued to evade questions on denouncing Trump completely. 

Alyssa Farah-Griffin was not the only View co-host to hold Conway’s feet to the proverbial fire during her visit. Sunny Hostin flatly asked Conway about the “Big Lie”. While Conway did write about Trump’s own shock to fairly losing the 2020 election and that loyalists surrounding Trump having lied to him, Conway plainly said she was “never” one of them. When Hostin directly asked Conway if she agreed that President Biden won both the popular vote & the electoral college and that we had a “free & fair election”, Conway quickly answered that “it’s pretty obvious that Joe Biden is the President” and went on to say that she was one of the first people to tell Trump that he “came up short” during the 2020 campaign. When Conway made an unnecessary remark about Trump losing to “a guy that was stuck in the basement”, she received an audible response of boos from the in-studio audience. Moderator Whoopi Goldberg interrupted the interaction to state that “This is The View and this is her view and she is talking about how she feels and what she knows; please don’t boo her”. 


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