Amazon Prime Video Dropped A New Black Queer Film?

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A new film about Black queer men falling in love? Yes, please!

A new trailer has released for the indie film Love The One You’re With. Directed by Sampson McCormick (A Different Direction), Love The One You’re With follows Miles (played by Donnie Hue Frazier) and Avery (Anthony Bawn) as they try to right a rocky relationship in “a dating climate where ghosting, polyamory and everyone in search of the next best thing are beyond the norm,” according to a press release.


Frazier and Bawn are also joined by Danny Royce, Jefferey L. Jones-Dickson Jr., Jessica Shaday, Hope Flood, and McCormick himself.

Love the One You’re With… It’s a story about some of the situations that we get in when we aren’t honest in our relationships in dating,” Sampson McCormick told Fox’s Washington D.C. affiliate FOX5. “It’s a great story overall because we don’t see that many Black gay men represented in media in this capacity. And, it’s a story that everybody will be able to relate to.”

He later added, “I know what it’s like to have to live with those things and I think about all the people who want to speak out but can, who don’t have platforms, or people who need clarity. Again, this isn’t just for people who look and live like me but also for people who want to understand. This is also for my neighbor, and my pastor, and mothers, and everybody. So that’s what it’s all about. It’s just having the conversation and it’s really funny on top of that.”

If interested in the film it’s available now on Amazon Prime Video. You can also watch the trailer above.

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