Amazon’s ‘Jack Ryan’ Original Series is Called Out for Transphobic Slur

Amazon’s “Jack Ryan” series starring John Krasinski premiered this weekend, August 31st. It has been making headlines for being the lead actor’s newest project since his successful directoral debut of A Quiet Place and for showing some skin.


However, the series is now garnering criticism for using a trans slur. In the third episode of the series, a character asks a coworker how he got a black eye. His coworker doesn’t want to explain it so she follows up with:

“Did you accidentally pick up another tranny on Freemont Street?”

The issue was brought to light by Eliel Cruz from the Anti-Violence Project, an organization dedicated to ending gender-based violence. Cruz tweeted:




His perspective reminds us that that as cisgender people use trans slurs, the show could have taught us what is acceptable and what is not but instead:


“decided to affirm the idea that there is something shameful about cisgender men being with a trans woman or that trans women are actually men.” -Cruz

Cruz reminds us that while shows like this may find it easy to use slurs and ignore the difficulties of the transgender community, violence towards transgender people is all too real.

Cruz shared a clip from the episode below:




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