American Artist Gives Inflatable Sex Toy To Paris For Christmas.


No,  I do not think the city of Paris asked for a large inflatable sex toy, but Paul McCarthy's Christmas tree does resemble just that.  Hey, they gave us a big green woman, why can't we give them something else big and green? 




The French are calling it le plug.  This is not the only piece that Paul McCarthy is showing in Paris and it is not the only piece that may appear to be something different.  How about Santa holding a Christmas Tree in his hand?  That would be fine, right?  Well, you can decide for yourself as McCarthy will be reproducing thousands of chocolate figurines just like this statue as part of "Chocolate Factory," the artist's first solo survey in France (




As for McCarthy's history of art?  He gave Hong Kong an inflatable tird for one of their celebrations in 2013.  I guess art is like pornography.  I'll know it when I see it.


Do you think McCarthy is getting away with something here or are we looking too much into it?


See the video below to hear what officials and citizens of Paris think of the "tree."







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