“American Circumcision” Is The “Definitive” Documentary On The Topic

Some of us have a preference for an uncut c*ck, some of us like the look of a cut one, and there are those of us who don’t really have too much of a partiality.

Brendon Marotta’s new documentary American Circumcision is clear in its motives: it argues for the end of circumcision in the United States.

The talking-heads doc presents that, among other reasons, the surgery itself is traumatizing to young infants, who don’t get to choose whether or not to keep their foreskin, and that the procedure is painful. The doc suggests that this leads to lifelong and trust issues.

The filmmakers call themselves “Intactivists” (intact meaning they have a foreskin) who fight for a man’s right to choose the fate of his c*ck.

As a circumcised man, I for one have a hard time taking any of this seriously. I certainly don't remember the operation. And if someone tried to tell me I’m not intact because I don’t have a foreskin I’m not sure if I’d be offended or if I’d just dismiss them as insane or both. Right now I’m in kind of a “choose your battles” mindset.

In the trailer, American Circumcision bills itself as “the award-winning definitive documentary on the issue.”

Here’s the official synopsis:

“Circumcision is the most common surgery in America, yet America is the only industrialized country in the world to routinely practice non-religious infant circumcision. Why does America continue to cut the genitals of it's newborn baby males when the rest of the world does not? American Circumcision explores both sides of the circumcision debate, including the growing Intactivist movement (intact + activist), which believes all human beings have a right to keep the body they were born with intact. This is the first documentary of its scale to comprehensively explore this cutting edge issue, which involves sex, politics, and religion, all in the most personal way possible.”

American Circumcision is now available to stream. Visit, the website here, where you can also watch the trailer: circumcisionmovie.com

What are your thoughts on circumcision? Are you an Intactivist? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

h/t: The Advocate


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