American Horror Story Season 10 Comes To PTOWN!

Without a doubt, television show mastermind Ryan Murphy has become one of the most influential forces of LGBTQ inclusion in the entertainment industry. His vibrant body of hit shows, including GLEE, American Horror Story, and Pose, offer groundbreaking representations of marginalized characters and have catapulted trans actresses and openly gay actors, namely Billy Porter to A-List Hollywood status.


Notably, a crucial part of Murphy’s brand seems to be his conscious effort to push the visibility of LGBTQ characters, and complex aspects of homo-culture. However, in doing so, he inadvertently reveals a teachable moment: LGBTQ people have much in common with their heterosexual counterparts.

Continuing in his tradition of inclusion and visibility, CapeCodTimes is reporting that Murphy’s production company and 20th Century Fox Television have been scouting locations in gay-friendly Provincetown (PTown) for season 10 of AHS.


According to CapeCodTimes, Murphy’s team has applied to the Tourism Department for permits to grant a production shoot with a 130-member crew. If approved, filming might begin at the end of March throughout the mostly LGBTQ-populated New England town on the Cape. Tourism Director Anthony Fuccillo mentioned the picturesque dunes, neighborhood streets, and private properties as potential locations for the production.

Reportedly Murphy purchased a home in PTown a few years back and who could blame him as it’s one of the most gorgeous areas of Cape Cod. Nearly everywhere you look in PTown looks like a movie still or postcard, from the ocean to the bay, the magnificent bike trails and dunes, seaside restaurants and homes, and pink-orange-yellow sunsets that rival anywhere in the world.

There’s no definite news yet on casting and the plot other than a notice posted to ahsnewsupdates on instagram:

“American Horror Story” Season 10 will be set in a beach-town community with supernatural elements. Scenes will be shot in both Provincetown, Massachusetts, and Los Angeles at the end of the month.”


In my dream casting and shot list, Murphy would feature the indelible town mascot Miss Richfield 1981 in a cameo, zipping down the street on her scooter at high speed to save Sarah Poulson from a Seaside satan. Or maybe if Murphy REALLY wants to freak out America, he could set up his camera covertly, and without warning, flick on a flashlight at 3 am under the D*ck Dock. Yup, that oughta do it!

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